Sumiko Moonstone Moving Magnet Cartridge

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The Moonstone is an affordable high-performance moving magnet cartridge that utilizes the powerful mechanically-generated electromotive forces of the moving magnet to help give your playback extra punch and convincing realism. Exceptionally well-balanced and dimensionally dense, the breathtaking dynamics of the Moonstone outperform many comparably priced moving coil cartridges without requiring the huge investment in preampfification.

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Cartridge Type: 
Moving Magnet

0.3µM x 0.7µM Elliptical 

Cantilever Material:
⌀0.5mm aluminum

Wire Material: 

Internal Impedance:

Load Impedance:

Frequency Response:
12Hz - 33kHz

Output Voltage:
3mV @ 1kHz

Channel Separation:
30dB @ 1kHz

Channel Balance:
0.5dB @ 1kHz

12x10-6 cm/dyn @ 100hZ

Recommended Load Capacitance: 
100pF - 200pF

Vertical Tracking Angle: 

Tracking Force: 
1.8g - 2.2g

Recommended Force: 

Cartridge Weight: 

Replacement Stylus Unit: 
RS Moonstone
RS Rainier
RS Olympia