Silver Tellus Infinity

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Infinity version of Silver Tellus - 3 shared common outlets & 1 independent

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Weight 22 Kg  W 43cm - H 14cm - D 31cm
Silver Tellus Infinity with the new Infinity technology has like the old Silver Tellus 4 binding posts. But on S T Infinity 3 are linked together and 1 is separated, so you can use it for Wall socket or another source that you want have separated.But S T Infinity are not made for neg speaker pole grounding. 

You hear straight away the relationship S T Infinity have with our flagship Olympus Infinity. A flow and punch in the music that is nearly impossible get if you not use the Infinity line.
There are something special with the Infinity technology. Visit you dealer and tryit.

 Note : The carefull choice of the "Ertha" cables used with the Silver Tellus                is critical in obtaining its full potential in your system.