Vetere Sabre Moving Magnet Cartridge

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Sabre High-End MM Cartridge
  • Aluminium alloybody CNC precision machined from solid
  • The body is mass-tuned to the generator for optimum support and control of unwanted mechanical vibrations
  • Sabre utilises an Alnico magnet with its suspension individually positioned and aligned for maximum musical performance
  • The generator is uniquely fixed to the body via four ‘spike’ screws precisely positioned and torqued for maximum rigidity and performance
  • No adhesives used in mounting the generator to the cartridge body 1
  • The Micro-Elliptical diamond stylus tip is bonded to an aluminium tube cantilever designed for maximum tracking ability without compromising high-frequency response or increased surface noise
  • Threaded body to accept the supplied stainless steel thumbscrews for correct coupling of the cartridge body to the tonearm headshell
  • Three specifically designed contact areas machined into the top of the body that provide the exact mechanical coupling required
  • Alignment ridge on the front top that assists mounting Sabre to any Vertere tonearm
  • Bonded through diamond assembly maximises alignment and rigidity
  • Wideband frequency response of below 15Hz to above 25kHz
  • Output of 4.0mV will provide a lifelike dynamic range with depth and precision
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Type                               Moving Magnet

Output level                                  4.0 mv

Recommended phono input load    47 kΩ  100 pF – 220 pF

Recommended tracking weight2.0 g (1.9 g – 2.1 g)

Frequency response         15 Hz -25 kHz

Channel separation       Better than 22 dB

Cantilever            Aluminium Alloy Tube

Stylus                          Elliptical Diamond   7.5  x 15.5 μm

Mounting         Special Tri-Point Contact – With M2.5 Threaded Fixing Holes

Generator FixingSpecial Quad-Point Contact – With M2.5 Stainless ‘Spike’ Screws

Dynamic Compliance  10 x 10-⁶cm/dyne

Coil Impedance          1 kΩ(per Channel)

Weight                                             10.3 g