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European Audio Team (E.A.T) announces B-Sharp turntable, with engineered cues taken directly from the company’s award-winning and highly acclaimed C-Major turntable. The B-Sharp sheds all of the non-essential cosmetic adornments of the C-Major without compromising performance or mechanical integrity, providing vinyl enthusiasts with a superb playback option at a more affordable price. The B-Sharp turntable features the new B-Note tonearm, made from a carbon fiber alloy that is light yet rigid with a black anodized aluminum headshell.


  • E.A.T. C-Sharp review by StereoNETThe C-Sharp displays incredible value for money with its low noise output and controlled sonics that are both well focused and mature in nature with an incisive and well detailed presentation.
  • E.A.T. C-Sharp in Positive FeedbakThe E.A.T turntable performed so superbly and was so inexpensive that the audiophile may build a near state of the art system with the C-Sharp at its core. … phono reproduction with amazing sound, easy to setup and tweak, and all at reasonable cost!
  • E.A.T. C-Sharp review by Audio Advice…if you are serious about your vinyl and want something that has tons of great engineering, incredible sound, sleek, elegant good looks, and is a real pleasure to use, the E.A.T. C-Sharp turntable should be on your shortlist.
  • E.A.T. C-Sharp in T3 magazine
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Thanks to new materials like Carbon Fibre and Termoplastic Elastomer Eat was designing a new superflat table. The low profil base chassis is made out of highest density MDF. Because of its flatness this base sits perfectly stable on any surface! On this base the ultra low noise motor is mounted as well as 10 damping feets out of energy absorbing TPE (Termoplastic Elastomers = Hightech high energy absorbing damping material). The cone shape TPE columns carry a SANDWICH subchassis out of Carbon Fibre and MDF composite with ultimate rigidity.

The stiffness is important to be a super rigid base for the tonearm/cartridge and bearing/platter as there must be 100 % no moving tolerance between the distance of the groove and the tracking cartridge. All the rumble of the platter / bearing is directed in the TPE columns. On opposite the TPE avoid that any unwanted energie of motor and surface or surrounding vibration leads to the subchassis or even to the tonearm cartridge.

The bearing is an oversized inverted with a inert, resonance free ceramic ball on top Around the bearing we set a super heavy 700g mass point which sucks up all energy arround.The stiff carbon subchassis helps to transport all vibration in this mass point. So vibrations are transferred in heat The platter intself is from a special alloy of very inert aluminium and is also damped by TPE inserts-It from 2 parts a subplatter and a mainplatter to keep it flat although having very high mass and kinetic energie.

The belt is made from special anti-static rubber. It's glued and then polished.

Type: Belt-driven turntable
Speed: 33/45rpm, driven by microprocessor
Speed variance: 33rpm +/-0.08%, 45rpm +/-0.09%
Wow and flutter: +/- < 0.01%
Signal to noise ratio: -40dB (mechanical noise)
Downforce range: 0–3.0g
Effective tonearm mass: 16.5g
Effective tonearm length: 254mm
Dimensions: 500mm x 400mm x 115mm

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