Avid Acutus SP turntable

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The Avid Acutus is of an advance belt drive, sprung sub-chassis design . Vibration caused by the stylus during playback is transmitted to the sub-chassis directly through the unique single point and not absorbed into the platter. This is achieved using a bespoke matting material and clamping system. External vibrations are isolated by a unique variable frequency suspension system, adjustable from above.

The turntable bearing is unique because its point of contact does not move laterally. This is because it is held captive in a specially shaped sapphire jewel. Due to its inverted design, only use a single bush is used to prevent rocking, rather than the usual two or full sleeve. Both these features reduce bearing noise. A purpose designed power supply, incorporating DSP signal generation allows for accurate speed settings. This coupled to a hand-made custom motor which is 10 times more powerful than those normally used. This drives a massive 10Kg platter via a twin belt drive system, making for excellent speed stability and sonic excellence.

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: Twin Belt drive


: 33.3 and 45.0 RPM

Platter mass

: 10.0 Kg


: Inverted stainless steel

Thrust point

: Tungsten carbide/Sapphire


: 3 point, springs in vertical, O-rings in lateral frequency


: vertical 2.5 Hz (variable), lateral 4.5 Hz


: Std. cut for SME (adapters to order)


: Hand built 24v 140mNm ac synchronous

Power supply

: DSP Vari-SPeed control unit

Voltage input

: 100-240vac 50/60Hz 20 watts max. (depending on region)


: Turntable (overall) 460 x 400 x 210mm (WxDxH)


: Turntable (footprint) 410 x 360mm (WxD)


: P.S.U. 250 x 215 x 95mm (WxDxH)

Net weight

: 19.0Kg (42lb) turntable only


: 3.5Kg (8lb) psu only


: 550 x 500 x 550mm (WxDxH)




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