2 Chassis Phonostage

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The Vitus includes switchable, independently configurable balanced and single-ended inputs and a single balanced output. Pushbuttons select and save input sensitivity (125–500µV for MC) and loading for each input, the name of which can be selected from a list of 10 popular cartridge brands—or, in Text mode, you can enter your own.

Two-chassis, solid-state phono preamplifier with 14 choices of voltage gain, 46dB–86dB, for both balanced and single-ended inputs and 18 choices of input impedance, from 100 to 47k ohms.

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Manufacturer Vitus
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Enameling is one of the most high-risk of the rare handcrafts. The precarious fusing of powdered glass at ultra-high temperatures can produce heartbreaking disasters but, when successful, the result is luminous beauty, from designs in radiant, jewel-bright colors that will never dull, to lustrous, gently traditional looks. Over time, this delicate skill has become an endangered one. It has been preserved and nurtured and is used to create breathtakingly lovely pieces. The technique involves grinding colored glass or enamel pigments to a talc-like powder, mixing it with water or oil and painting the resulting paste meticulously (sometimes using a brush as fine as a single hair) onto a prepared metal surface. Once dry, the paste is fired in a kiln at temperatures of around 850°C, so that the powdered glass or pigment melts to form a new, impregnable surface and fuses to the metal base. The MP-P201 Phono Stage is like a perfectly shaped chronograph: a precise, accurate and high-performance instrument. Why lose one more second denying yourself the pleasure of the Vitus Audio Masterpieces? Technology needed to be pushed to a supreme level, to satisfy our expectations for the new Masterpiece Series. The MP-P201 Phono Stage uses the same discrete gain stage modules developed for the MP-L201 Line Stage, however they have been optimized for a much lover noise level. This is essential in order to maintain the level of musical performance with even the lowest output cartridges available today. Gain selection on the MP-P201 Phono Stage is based on the output voltage from the cartridge. This is the most effective and optimal way of ensuring perfect balance between the cartridge and the phono stage. Setting the correct can be done in a user friendly way. The four load boards in the MP-P201 Phono Stage provide a total of 16 different load values. The external power supply is shared with the MP-L201 Line Stage. It offers a supreme level of line regulation to ensure the lowest possible noise level, even before the supply reaches the actual phono stage circuitry. Majestic, marvelous, masterful. Three words that best describe the essence of the MPP201 Phono Stage. Only available in dedicated high end shops.