AVID Reference Ruby Cartridge

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For twenty-five years AVID has pushed the envelope of vinyl reproduction, its turntables now renowned throughout the audio industry and discerning music lovers the world over.

Our Reference Ruby cartridge is the first of three low output moving coil cartridges to be released and has been designed from the ground up, with every element individually assessed and then as a whole.
As the name implies the cantilever is solid Ruby with a Micro-Ridge Diamond stylus.

The moving mass has been reduced with less coil windings to improve dynamics, but the output is a healthy 0.32mV due to the enlarged magnet assembly. Overall mass is 9.1grms

The cartridge body is designed and manufactured by AVID and encapsulates components usually unsupported, resulting in less internal resonance and much attention has been paid to energy transfer.

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From then it was the task of evaluating every single mechanical element. Different stylus profiles, cantilever material, magnets, coils, absolutely every single component part. Finally, we reached a design, but we didn't stop there. Our phonostages have a higher than usual gain level as we believe, especially with low output cartridges, the closer to the source gain is applied the less chance the signal is corrupted. As we had opted for a Moving coil design, we had the opportunity to reduce the number of coil windings, thereby reducing the moving mass, making for more accurate groove tracing and faithful dynamics. During this period, we also altered the stylus tip to further reduce groove noise.

The reduction in coil windings resulted in an output of 0.15mV, which was not an issue, however to make the cartridge more widely accepted we increased the magnet size to offer a health 0.32mV output, this not undoing the advantage of lower coil mass. Our first cartridge was finished. 

In a world of super expensive esoteric pickup cartridges, AVID's Reference Ruby is not inexpensive but nowhere near inaccessible. But regardless of cost we've not design to be second best and this cartridge will sit happily on the turntables and offer new insight to your record collection.

Type: Moving Coil
Output Voltage: 0.32mV

Response: 10Hz-S0KHz
Seperation: 29d B/1 KHz
Channel Balance: 0.1dB (1KHz)
Tracking Force: 2.0g
Trackability: > 70µm/2.0g
Compliance: 8.Sx10-6cm/dyne
Stylus: Micro-Ridge Diamond
Profile: 3µmx70µm
Int. Impedance: 4. 7Ω
Loading: > 100Ω.
Cantilever: Ruby
Net Weight: 9.1g