Vitus Reference RD-101 Stereo DAC

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You reach out to your pocket. Therein lies the key to advanced and futuristic technology. Gently you push… The system of the ultimate sports car becomes alive. An overwhelming feeling becomes you. Almost unlimited processing power becomes available to ensure pristine performance. It’s crystal clear that you’re in the drivers seat: impressed, but in control. All instruments call out to take it for a spin. Then you realize this fine piece of machinery is reference, top notch. You are right on track with the RD-101 Stereo DAC.

Priced at £10,800 the RD-101 basically replaces the RD-100 and the RCD-101 from the previous range. However, the RD-101 is much more than a conventional DAC, as well as having all of the conventional socketry you’d come to expect on a DAC these days (USB B, 2 x AES inputs, 2 x Coaxial Inputs and both XLR and RCA outputs) there is also an Ethernet socket.

Connect the RD-101 to your router and it also becomes a fully fledged network streamer that can play Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, Deezer, it can also playback content stored on a NAS and is also a Roon Endpoint as well.

Simply controlled by the MConnect App  it makes the RD-101 a brilliant one-box source.

One big feature to point out with the RD-101 is that it can act as a Roon Endpoint.

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Manufacturer Link Vitus Audio Reference RI-101 Integrated Amplifier
Manufacturer Vitus
Free warranty 3 years
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Height 100 mm Width 435 mm Depth 377 mm Weight 12 Kg

1 x USB input
1 x Toslink optical input
2 x RCA SPDIF inputs
2 x AES SPDIF inputs
1 x RCA analog input
1 x XLR analog input
1 x RCA analog output
1 x XLR analog output.

Masterclock Module
USB – Recieved module
SPDIF – Reciever module
Sample Rate
Converter module
D/A Converter module
I/V Converter module (1 per channel)
Analog Stage module (1 per channel)

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