Melco N1ZS20/2A Digital Music Streamer

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Melco N1Z/2 is the flagship of the new Mk2 series. True audiophile source components designed for both Ethernet connected Players (Streamers) and for connection to a USB connected DAC. N1ZS20 uses SSD with stable thick base plates and shielded top cover.

The N1Z/2 is constructed as a true Hi-Fi source component with heavy anodised aluminium chassis sections bead blasted to a delightful finish, and with an internal rigid H frame to isolate vibration and isolate the various sections of the hardware. 

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Manufacturer Melco
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  • 2TB x 1 SSD
  • Heavy brass non-magnetic SSD foundation
  • SSD is covered by a non-magnetic stainless shield cover
  • Dedicated Neutrik USB-DAC port
  • Dual Power Supplies
  • Capacitor bank with audio grade film capacitors
  • Silver/Black aluminium case
  • New processing logic ( precision slow data writing and accurate high speed data retrieval)
  • Self integrity check
  • LAN (1000BASE-T) :Player (1000BASE-T)
  • Backup (USB 3.0, rear panel)
  • Expansion (USB 3.0, rear panel)
  • USB3.0 (rear panel)
  • USB-DAC (USB 2.0, rear panel)
  • Dedicated ground terminal
  • 30 W x 2 with capacitor bank
  • SSD 2TB x 1
  • Dimension  : 350 x 75 x 370 mm
  • Weight : 9kg (19.8 lb)