Harbeth P3ESR Standmount Speakers

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The all-new RADIAL2™ coned Harbeth P3ESR is the ultimate mini monitor, the latest in a lineage that stretches back twenty years to the original Harbeth P3 and even further to the BBC's pioneering LS3/5A.

A generation of home users and studio professionals has relied on these Harbeth minis to fill even the smallest room with a full, warm, natural sound. The P3ESR is the culmination of the designer's four-years research into upgrading the Harbeth mini. From the new removable back panel for improved cabinet damping to the radically new bass unit yielding a wide smooth frequency response, every detail of these astonishing loudspeakers has been thoroughly honed and optimised. The objective has always been to create the genuine Harbeth sound in miniature: the P3ESR (R for RADIAL™) is that much closer to reality.

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Harbeth P3ESR Standmount Speakers

The Harbeth P3ESR is the culmination of the designer's four years research into upgrading the Harbeth mini.
Upgrades from the previous incarnation include a removable back panel for improved cabinet damping, and the use of Harbeth's RADIAL™ drive units, which offer outstanding clarity and naturalness.
Listeners will be amazed at the scale these little speakers provide, and there is even an improvement over the already-impressive bass response of their predecessors.
To put it simply: the P3ES2 was the best all-round mini monitor, and the P3ESR is a marked improvement.

Transducer system: 110mm Harbeth RADIAL2™ (5") bass/mid; 19mm tweeter

Freq. response: 75Hz - 20kHz +/-3dB free space,
1m with grille on with smooth off axis response

Impedance: 6 ohms - easy electrical load (see graph)

Sensivity: 83.5db/1W/1m

Amp. suggestion: 25W +

Power handling: 50W programme

Connector: Two 4mm gold-plated binding posts

\Dimensions (hxwxd): 306 x 189 x 202 mm (inl. grille and terminals)

Finish: Cherry, black ash, maple and rosewood (shown above)

Space needs: Ideally > 0.30m from rear wall

Stands: Typically 24+ inches

Weight: 6.3kg each (not packed)

Packing: One pair per carton

Harbeth P3ESR Standmount Speakers