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The Monitor 40.2 is the latest flagship speaker by Harbeth. Based off the multi-award wining Monitor 40.1, let us be the first to tell you, this speaker has greatly improved.

Harbeth are a small British firm that is sought after by hi-fi enthusiasts around the world for their natural presentation and lifelike midrange reproduction. The M40.2 will take you to the performance.

For an up close look at these speakers check out our introduction video below and our blog post here.

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Manufacturer Link Harbeth Monitor 40.2 Reference Loudspeaker
Manufacturer Harbeth
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See more Harbeth products.

As the leading retailer of Harbeth speakers in the UK, here at Hi-Fi Corner we have taken our time to fully understand the entire range of Harbeth speakers. We have tested them with a wide variety of amplification so we know what will work best for the sound you're looking for.


The Monitor 40.2 is a large standmount speaker that features a 25mm tweeter by SEAS, a 200mm Radial2 driver by Harbeth, and a 300mm woofer by Harbeth. This speaker covers the entire frequency range, so you won't miss out on any aspect of your favourite music.


Harbeth speakers are unique to themselves and nothing can give you what they can. The M40.2 is one of the most enjoyable speakers you'll ever listen to. With the accuracy of a studio speaker and the engagement of a domestic speaker, your listening sessions will stretch into the wee hours of the morning.