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The latest addition to the Quad ESL range is the ESL 2912, replacing the very popular ESL 2905.

The ESL-2912 is the largest of our full-range ESL models. It employs six electrostatic panels, the inner two utilising the concentric rings of anodes used to create the point source image. Whilst all electrodes receive the same music signal, each electrode area reacts slightly differently, such that treble frequencies appear to come from the centre of the speaker. This often leads to the belief that a crossover separates the signals, but this is not the case.

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Quad ESL 2912 Electrostatic Speakers

Format  : Full Range Electrostatic
Membrane  : 0.5g/m2 Tensioned film
Panel Elements : 8
Time Delay  : Progressive concentric rings
Chassis  : Heavy duty composite aluminium / steel
Maximum Power Output  : 2 N/m2 at 2m on axis
Sensitivity  : 1.5u bar per volt referred to 1m
Impedance  : 8 ohms nominal
Impedance variation  : 4 - 20 Ohms
Maximum continuous input voltage (RMS) - 20Hz to 20kHz  : 10V
Programme peak for undistorted output  : 40V
Permitted peak input  : 55V
Frequnecy response  : 28Hz - 23kHz (usable)
Power Consumption  : 6 Watts
Dimensions  : 1430mm x 695mm x 385mm (add 25-55 mm for feet/spikes)
Weight  : 41.6kg net