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Sony VPL-VW520 Projector (second hand)

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Second hand VW520 available, please contact us for further details
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UHD 4K resolution for the ultimate detail
Thanks to their massive experience in all aspects of entertainment, Sony are now able to bring the detail of 4K Ultra HD resolution to the home cinema. Simply put, projecting in this resolution gives detail and realism that's impossible to achieve with conventional Full HD resolution. UHD 4K resolution is four times greater than the more conventional 1920 x 1080 Full HD projectors and it's a difference you can easily see on a large projection screen.

Super Resolution 4k Upscaling
Watching a 4K signal from a source such as Netflix or Amazon Prime is awesome but the VPL-VW520 still excels with other resolutions, too. With Super Resolution 4K upscaling built-in, you get much of the benefit of 4K resolution with your existing Blu-ray disc library. Just leave it to the Sony to upscale the image and maximise the picture quality.

HDR for the richest, most believable colour
The Sony VPL-VW520ES is compatible with HDR (High Dynamic Range) for brilliant realism. HDR not only offers deeper blacks, brighter whites and more vibrant colours, but also more subtle images, too. So what looks like an area of solid black on an inferior projector will be shown to actually have shade and texture, previously unseen.

The latest specification HDMI
The Sony VPLVW520 features an HDMI socket that is compatible to highest current level - up to 4K 60p YCbCr 4:2:0 / 8-bit and HDCP 2.2. What this means is that you'll be able to use the projector with upcoming UHD 4K video sources that are due to be launched in set-top box and Blu-ray form imminently.