Graham Slee Solo SRG II Headphone Amplifier

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The Solo is often used in commercial editing suites where it captures edit points so elusive to other headphone amps. It was also supplied to the BBC, modified to accept PO 316 (BPO) jack plugs. The Solo was the first headphone amplifier to become truly "green", performing its great sound with"carbon friendly" switched mode power (and it still does!). The Solo headphone amplifier started life in 2001 and has seen a decade of continuous improvement. On its way What Hi-Fi? gave it five stars, warning customers to "be prepared to buy it there and then" if they dared to audition it. The SRGII introduced our proprietary headphone sensing feedback system seen by many to be the cure for their difficult to control headphones. The Solo SRGII is the fully refined highly popular "Green Solo" - where energy conservation is a must the Solo SRGII is the only high performance headphone amplifier in the running.
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Graham Slee Solo SRG II Headphone Amplifier The Solo SRGII features our proprietary "in-loop" headphone control feedback system capable of correcting the sound of difficult to drive headphones. The Solo SRGII headphone amplifier has two inputs and a non-shorting mute. Its input switching can be used in tape monitoring as shown here. (An extra pair of interconnects are required as well as two phono tee-adapters inserted where indicated by the asterisks shown in the diagram) When connected as per this suggestion, the input selector on the Solo front panel mimics a tape monitor switch. In position 1, the same source as selected on the amplifier is fed to the Solo; in position 2, the output from the tape recorder (or other recording device) is fed to the Solo. Its AC coupled output stops DC current appearing across your headphones, preventing headphone burn-out. It will drive low and high impedance headphones without gain switching - its volume control being designed to be used for its full rotation. The Solo SRGII headphone amplifier is supplied as standard with a silent running energy efficient power supply complying with world carbon reduction targets. The Solo SRGII headphone amplifier can also be supplied with the PSU1 power supply for those happy with a traditional, more power hungry linear power supply. Graham Slee Solo SRG II Headphone Amplifier