Naim DAC-V1

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The DAC‐V1 is a compact, asynchronous USB Digital to Analogue Converter with multiple S/PDIF inputs, precision volume control and a headphone amplifier. Combined with the new NAP 100 power amplifier, the DAC‐V1 creates a compact two box solution designed to get stunning Naim sound quality from a PC, laptop or Mac via simple USB connection. Audio files at up to 24bit/384kHz resolution can be accessed from a wide variety of audio playback applications, such as iTunes, Windows Media Player and a number of specialist audio applications. The DAC‐V1 turns a computer into more than just a convenient audio source; it becomes a genuine, high‐end, high‐resolution music hub.
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Manufacturer Naim
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Naim DAC-V1 Digital Flexibility While the DAC‐V1 is perfectly suited to being positioned on a desk, or work station near a computer, it is also highly versatile. It can integrate seamlessly into a traditional hi‐fi system or be used with any two‐channel digital audio source such as a games console, satellite box or any other device with a digital output via one of its five S/PDIF digital inputs. Furthermore, the DAC‐V1 and NAP 100 can also be combined with the Naim UnitiServe hard disk music server to create a compact high‐end music system. Asynchronous USB Input The DAC‐V1 features an asynchronous USB input enabling it to connect directly to a computer. The DAC‐V1 has the ability to detect bit‐perfect operation ensuring the audio sent from the computer is received unmodified. Being asynchronous ensures the DAC‐V1 is not reliant on the timing clock from the computer, instead it controls when the computer sends data. The audio data is supplied to the DAC‐V1’s audio buffer and clocked out using a precision on‐board clock circuit – which is free from the computer clock related jitter – to the digital to analogue converter circuits. High‐end Headphone Amplifier The DAC‐V1 features a high‐quality headphone amplifier with a low impedance single‐ended Class‐A output drive for customers who wish to do their listening through headphones. This exhibits low distortion and zero cross over distortion, ensuring a natural flowing, musical sound. The headphone amplifier runs from high voltage rails allowing it to effortlessly drive high quality and high impedance headphones, avoiding the need for a power amplifier and speakers altogether for personal listening. Naim DAC-V1
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