CD Transport with Made4u remote

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The detailed manual work carried out on the internal components of a watch is where hand finishing reaches a rare pinnacle. Getting a brand seal requires that movements be made using advanced technologies, artisanal know-how, authenticity and exemplary finishing. After machining, every movement component passes through or is finished by human hands and often decorated. Specific surfaces can be so minuscule that they’re barely perceptible to the naked eye and craftsmen work with binocular microscopes. This scrupulous fine-tuning is carried out by consummate craftsmen whose raison d’être is the integrity and precision of what they do, and whose fulfillment comes from the fact that everything inside your watch has been honed by them to move with hushed prowess. The quality of finish determines not just how well the part will perform its function, but for how long. The MP-T201 mk. II CD Transport is like a perfectly shaped chronograph: a precise, accurate and high-performance instrument. Why lose one more second denying yourself the pleasure of the Vitus Audio Masterpieces? The complexity of all the Masterpiece Series products has put our engineering team to the test. Technology used in the Signature Series needed to be pushed to a supreme level. We’d love to think that the collection of masterpieces is our greatest work to date. For this reason, the name of the range is extremely suitable. It has been the most intensive development project we have ever undertaken. The technical discoveries we made have been nothing short of astounding. Each product of the Masterpiece Series is destined to become a true reference. The drive of the MP-T201 mk. II CD Transport is a heavily modified Philips Pro. On top of this we included both a master clock and sample rate module. The power supply has a supreme level of regulation and power. As the design of the MP-T201 mk. II CD Transport is totally modular, technology can be further upgraded, while the unit continuous to meet our highest quality demands. Majestic, marvelous, masterful. Three words that best describe the essence of the MPT201 mk. II CD Transport Masterpiece. Only available in dedicated high end shops.

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Manufacturer Vitus
Free warranty 3 years
Delivery Charge Free
Delivery Time Normally 1 - 5 Working Days (Covid-19 and Brexit Delays Possible, contact us for more information)
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Product Type:
CD Transport (Redbook)
SPDIF RCA & XLROther on request
Philips CDPro2LF
(Extremely modified by VA)Sample rate / Resolution:
192KHz / 24 bit
Master Clock:
In-house technology.Internal Cabling:
Andromeda by VA
130 x 435 x 430 mm
(H x W x D)
Remote Controlled:
YES (The standard Philips alu
remote is included)
Total Weight:
26 Kg