Chord C-Power Shielded Power Cable

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The Chord C-power is a simple, straightforward and easy to hear upgrade to pretty much any component with an IEC input socket. The C-power power cable follows the same design principles as every other Chord cable and that means attention paid to shielding, conductors and termination. We were lucky enough to work with a UK company that specialises in military grade power cable terminations, so the C-power is fitted with a high quality over-moulded mains plug and an equally high quality IEC plug.
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Chord C-Power Shielded Power Cable

The cable

Like other Chord mains cables, an understanding of how crucial high frequency effective shielding is has played a big part in the design of the C-power mains cable.
Conductors: 3 x 14 AWG high purity multi-strand copper conductors.
Configuration: Parallel conductor layout, high frequency effective floating shield.
Insulation: PVC
Shielding: High frequency effective over-wrapped foil shield.
Jacket: High-density vibration damping outer jacket.
Colour: Black

The Plugs

The Chord C-power differs from our other mains cables. It is fitted with over-moulded plugs; there are reasons for not dismissing these as they have certain advantages. Firstly the connections within the plugs are made using a high pressure crimping technique; this means there are no screw connections. Secondly the nature of the over-moulding process means that the conductors are held firmly in place and are not subject to mechanically induced noise.

The C-power is available in 1.5 metre lengths and fitted with UK and European mains plugs.

Use it with

The Chord C-power is extremely consistent in its performance. Hi-fi and home cinema components of all levels will work well with the C-power. The C-power is particularly impressive when used with entry-level components where less attention has been paid to filtering the mains input.

Chord C-Power Shielded Power Cable