Chord Signature Reference Speaker Cable

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Signature speaker cable was our first ever shielded speaker cable.  It was also the biggest, stiffest, brightest cable we’d ever made. The conductors were oxygen free copper, the insulation was gas foamed Polyethylene, Shielding was a three layer braid and foil combination, effective to high frequencies and the outer jacket a flexible polyethylene. It was just flexible enough to fit into a system. Signature speaker cable was another product that didn’t need a press release or a review, it took off so fast by word of mouth, that for a while there was almost a permanent waiting list.

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Chord Signature Reference Speaker Cable


It remained unchanged for about ten years, until we could apply improved building techniques and materials such as more efficient shielding, silver-plated conductors and PTFE insulation. That would produce a more neutral tonal characteristic and a cable better able to carry detail, dynamics and timbre.  This became the new Signature Reference. The new design carries more of the very fine detail and micro dynamics that let you know the musician you’re listening to. It will let you hear the differences between pianos, whether a guitar is made from rosewood or mahogany and whether it’s a Telecaster or a Stratocaster. Most important of all, it will let you hear just how good and tight your favourite band is and just how much emotion and feeling your favourite singer can create. There’s a soundstage big enough to step into and accurate enough to pick individual performers out of an orchestra.

Like ChordMusic and Epic Reference, every set of Signature Reference is built to order.  Standard colours are red and black or all black, but if there’s a particular colour you really want, please ask.


Technical Specifications

Conductor Silver-plated, high purity OFC
Insulation PTFE
Configuration Twisted pair
Shielding Individually shielded positive and minus conductors. High density foil and 95% coverage metal braid. Translucent PVC outer jacket
AWG 10
mm2 5.26
Diameter 2 x 8.5mm


Chord Signature Reference Speaker Cable

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