AVID Reference Pre Amplifier

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Originally envisaged as an expansion of the Pulsare phonostage, simplistically adding line level inputs and a volume control. AVID's goal was simply to create the World's best sounding Pre-Amplifier, sound quality overriding all other design parameters.

Essentially a Pre-Amplifier is made up of three building blocks; Power Supply, internal electronics and some form of volume control.

Power supplies are hardly new territory for AVID, using them to great effect within their turntables and phonostages. So whilst the AVID Reference Pre Amplifier draws very little current AVID have used a colossal 1Kva mains transformer, because the improvement was considerable. Adding over 350,000uF capacitor power reservoir, half in the power supply, half in the Pre-Amplifier itself, also witnessed immense dividends.

The internal electronics commands the same attention to detail. The amplifier topology is a fully balanced design, in common with the Pulsare, with exceptionally low noise and distortion across the audio spectrum, however the Reference Pre-Amplifier uses an active RIAA stage rather than the Pulsare's passive design, pushing performance to new levels of excellence.

As with the Pulsare, at no point is signal integrity compromised, using relays for every adjustment. Every input and output is optionally XLR or RCA for complete flexibility and the phonostage allows up to four cartridges to be connected simultaneously for real vinyl aficionados.

Mono can also be selected, catering for the growing interest in this playback style. Added to this are three line stages and a fixed level tape output. Four main outputs allow up to four mono-amplifiers to be powered in either balanced or single ended configuration.

AVID developed their own wound film capacitors with polypropylene dielectric, employing no less than thirty within the circuitry. Being physically large capacitors they hang vertically below the main circuit board in close proximity to each other. This can cause reduced cross-talk performance in this situation. AVID machined a 55mm solid aluminium block with individual pockets, then electroless nickel plated it to screen each capacitor.

The AVID Reference Pre Amplifier uses the "King" of volume controls. The ALPS RK50, handmade from signal conductive plastic and manufactured to absurd limits. Gone is the conventional ‘performance-limiting’ remote control motor with its field effects and rewarded with a breathtaking perception of realism.

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: 2x XLR Phono - 3x XLR Line


: 2x RCA Phono - 3x RCA Line


: 4x XLR


: 4x RCA


: 500 x 410 x 190mm (WxDxH)

Net weight

: Control unit   - 29Kg (64lb)    PSU   - 28Kg (62lb)

Packaging (each)

: 660 x 560 x 270mm (WxDxH)

Shipping weight

: 66.0Kg (146lb)


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