2 Chassis Linestage with RC-010 remote

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The MP-L201 has been available for a few years now. With a retail price of £46500, it’s largely based on its similarly priced phono sibling, the MP-P201. With a combined weight of just over 110 pounds, each of the MP-L201’s two chassis -- one each for the preamplifier and power circuits -- measures about 17"W x 5.25"H x 16"D. The MP-L201 can easily be placed on or in most audio racks with plenty of breathing space. The appearance is clean and modern, yet timeless in approach both inside and out. It’s available in standard Bright, Black, or Gunshot finishes, but can be ordered in pretty much any finish you like at additional cost. The front of each chassis comprises two slabs of solid nonmagnetic aluminum separated by a glass panel. The side, top, and bottom plates are made of a combination of that same aluminum and nonmagnetic steel.

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First, the form of the case is created using a press. The rough shape of a part is cut from a strip of metal and then a metal punch is used to push the piece into an anvil-like die (a metal block of mold shapes), where it’s forged to subtly refine its dimensions. Repeated careful pressing gradually achieves the definitive shape of the case. The case component is then refined by state-of-the-art machinery. At the same time, its series number is engraved inside the back of the case. The case is then hand-finished. This process is called ‘fine working’. Any metal residue is filed away, attachments are soldered, hinges are made for cases with dust covers and openings are adjusted for smooth fit. Preparations are made for polishing. Under no circumstances will traces, resulting from manufacturing process deviations, be tolerated. The MP-L201 mk. II Line Stage is like a perfectly shaped chronograph: a precise, accurate and high-performance instrument. Why lose one more second denying yourself the pleasure of the Vitus Audio Masterpieces? The Masterpiece Series has been on our internal roadmap for some years. It was not supposed to be introduced until 2011. The number of requests from high end enthusiasts increased, so we decided to bring the development forward and launch this very special series early. All true balanced discrete gain stages in the MP-L201 mk. II Line Stage are based on shielded modules, which incorporate a very high level of integration. Each module is molded with special damping material, which takes care of both mechanical resonances and stability in temperature. This way optimal working conditions for the circuitry are assured. The external power supply provides both filtering and a very high level of regulation. A total of 24 regulations deliver a very stable and noise free supply, even before it reaches the amplifier itself. An optional active sub bass crossover is also available. Majestic, marvelous, masterful. Three words that best describe the essence of the MPL201 mk. II Line Stage. Only available in dedicated high end shops.

Q2 / 2010
Product Type:
Two chassis True balanced
2 x unbalanced (RCA)
3 x balanced (XLR)
2 x unbalanced (RCA)
2 x true balanced (XLR)

2 chassis of
135 x 435 x 402 mm
(H x W x D) Internal Cabling:
Andromeda by VA

Internal Cabling:
Andromeda by VARemote Controlled:
Yes, RC-010 is included Other Options:
Active crossover moduleTotal Weight:
50 Kg (in total for both chassis)