Stereo Power Amplifier

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Hans Ole Vitus’ statement stereo power amplifier. For anyone wanting pretty much the ultimate 2 channel amp this megalithic 125kg beast commands your serious attention. More Class A grunt than you can shake a stick at and if you went to Munich in 2015 plenty of these were dotted around everywhere making some pretty fine noises.


“One of the first things we were told, when we introduced the ideas behind the MP-S201, was – “Mission Impossible” – but for the Vitus Audio team of engineers and workers, such a statement is what brings out the teams enthusiasm and thereafter the hard work began.

While we maintain our “Signature” design, which we have achieved massive recognition for world wide, we have stepped it up a notch. Special tools were needed for even considering manufactoring this +125kg amplifier and it’s colossal size as we refuse to compromise on the fact that it is HANDMADE in Denmark.

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Finishing the case and bracelet that will hold a watch is extremely intricate work requiring a multitude of complex procedures. It’s just as important as the creation of the movement itself. Crafting a case is an extremely challenging job demanding the labor of about 20 specialists performing around 50 operations. Creating a metal bracelet also requires a large number of complicated processes. The exterior of a timepiece must reflect the excellence of the movement inside. They must be perfectly functional and ensure the ultimate in comfort and convenience. This is why such great importance is placed upon elegant forms, noble materials and the perfection of finishes and decorative techniques. The MP-S201 Stereo Power Amplifier is like a perfectly shaped chronograph: a precise, accurate and high-performance instrument. When we first introduced the ideas behind the MP-S201 Stereo Power Amplifier, most people saw this as a ‘Mission Impossible’. For the Vitus Audio team of engineers and workers this offered a chance to really prove themselves. They would need to go above and beyond. When people are truly challenged, it often brings out the best in them. The goals were set. The hard work was done. We had to step it up a notch. Special tools were needed to manufacture this 125Kg amplifier of colossal size. No compromises were made on the fact that it’s handmade in Denmark. While intended for being a stereo power amplifier, mono mode is available should bi-amping be required. Technical keywords: 4,5KVA transformers, 1.200.00uF capacitor bank, zero global negative feedback, 2mm thick boards, separated digital control circuitry, intelligent Class A bias and modular design. The technical features clearly show the ambition of the manufacturer. This amplifier has no peer. Why lose one more second denying yourself the pleasure of the Vitus Audio Masterpieces? Majestic, marvelous, masterful. Three words that best describe the essence of the MP-S201 Stereo Power Amplifier. Only available in dedicated high end shops

1. 4.5KVA UI transformers with <2% loss

2. 1.200.000uF capacitor bank

3. Zero global negative feedback

4. 2mm thick boards with 105um copper on all layers

5. Digital control circuitry completely seperated with its own power supply starting with a seperate power cord

6. Intelligent Class A bias secures optimal working conditions for the outputstage at all time.

7. Modul based for future upgradability.