Stereo Power Amplifier with Classic/Rock sound modes

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“For those who want the very best in performance the SS-102 is our statement stereo power amplifier. A completely no-compromise design, this amplifier will take on the very finest products from around the world, regardless of their cost!

The SS-102 houses brand new circuitry, which uses only the finest matched transistors and super precision resistors to ensure optimal working conditions for the different stages of each module. This combined with a special coupling of each input stage, results in an ultra linear frequency response.

The true balanced design, together with the local shunt regulated power supply, ensures excellent signal to noise ratio, making it possible to reveal every micro detail in the recordings. The result is a power amplifier, capable of exposing micro details/dynamics never heard before without compromising the coherence of the recording. As the design is true balanced, all non-balanced signals are converted to true balanced straight at the first input

It is part of the Signature Series. The performance of these products redefines how close to the live event you can get by listening to reproduced music. For those who want the very best, there is no finer choice than the SS-102. It is sure to become a true classic in every sense of the word.”

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Manufacturer Vitus
Free warranty 3 years
Delivery Charge Free
Delivery Time Normally 1 - 5 Working Days (Covid-19 and Brexit Delays Possible, contact us for more information)
Card Surcharge No
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In the distance, a picturesque harbor beckons. Gently you pull back the lever that controls the power of the engines. In the distance a lot of moored boats glisten. Yachts of all types and sizes. The distance to the port is getting smaller. The yacht glides trough the water at a slow pace. It almost seems like slow motion. The boats approach with a linear precision. It feels good to be among peers. You recognize the class; the majestic shapes and the stylish designs. The best of you comes out. Satisfied with the right choice. You're sailing right into the direction of the SS-103 Stereo Power Amplifier. All the seawater flows to the endless musical ocean of Vitus Audio… Could this be the last amplifier that you're going to get? This addition to the Signature Series of Vitus Audio makes a very strong case. The SS-103 Stereo Power Amplifier has advanced to a new level of emotional performance ready to thrill your senses. It’s a modular design, so future technological upgrades can be easily implemented. Just like with our Masterpiece series, we’ve added multiple sound modes: ‘Classic Mode’ and ‘Rock mode’. Choose ‘Classic Mode’ for our renowned sound image; ‘Rock Mode’ to get a more forward presentation. Adding class A and class AB to each sound mode offers yet another level of tuning the final result to your personal preference. Better control of the lower frequencies, a faster and more dynamic sound and the capability of driving difficult loads are the trademarks of the SS-103 Stereo Power Amplifier. Integration, balance, performance. Three words that best describe the essence of the SS- 103 Stereo Power Amplifier. Only available in dedicated high end shops.


Shipping since 2013
Product Type:
Stereo balanced Power
1 x unbalanced (RCA)
1 x balanced (XLR)
1 set balanced

Internal Cabling:
Andromeda by VA

Remote Controlled:
YES (remote control
purchased separately) Output Power(switchable):
50wpc Class A
100wpc Class AB

RMS in 8ohm

310 x 435 x 610 mm
(H x W x D)