Monaural Power Amplifier

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The SS-010 integrated amplifier was introduced back in 2007. It has received multiple awards and garnered fantastic reviews worldwide. Today it is still one of the most popular and loved Vitus products. The SS-010 was replaced with the SIA-025 in 2010 – which took the performance to a whole new level.
The SM-010 Mono was introduced in 2008, based on requests from the market to have an upgradability from the SS-010 to give more power for less efficient speakers. This gave the SS-010 musicality with more punch and dynamics.
The future is here:
The new SM-011 – is taking the SM-010 into a whole new level, like the SIA-025 did based on the SS-010.  With no upgradability, nor backwords compatibility needed, the Vitus design team had free hands to push the boundaries even further. With the SIA-025 in mind, a new platform was created that will satisfy a much broader audience.
Keeping strict focus on the Vitus “musical engine”, they developed the next level of COOL in musical instruments – capable of driving any load to a full experienced concert level, without ever letting go of musicality.
Check out the number of awards the SIA-025 has been honoured with from all over the world, add to that the level of performance – a bit more of everything more silence, higher resolution, more power, better dynamics – and then you have an idea about the level of performance you will achieve with the SM-011.
Each SM-011 offers 40 watts per channel (8 ohm load) in Class A mode, doubling to 80 watts with a 4 ohm load.
In Class A/B mode power output is 200 watts (8 ohms) doubling to 400 watts with a 4 ohm load.
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1. 1.4KVA custom UI transpormer with <2% loss
2. 240.000uF capacitor bank
3. Zero global negative feeback (like all VA amps)
5. Modular based for future upgradability
6. True balanced – from input to output
7. Soundmodes included for sound adjustment.
If you crave a genuinely holographic soundstage, with devastating dynamics that remained entirely natural and poised in presentation the combination of the SM-011 and the SL-103 Preamplifier  is the system to end all systems.
The SM-011 are priced at £37000 a pair.