AVID Reference Mono Amplifier

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Enormous Power Amplifiers attract special attention from audiophiles and have a certain aura.
The AVID Reference Mono Amplifier is such an amplifier and is the culmination of four years of painstaking development.
Every aspect of its design was scrutinised and our unwavering drive not to compromise creating a masterpiece.

This amplifier will change your perception of musical performances you thought you knew.
It will also make some loudspeakers you considered average into amazing transducers.

In fact it would be very easy to make claims about the bass, the midrange and treble, let alone musicality.
But it’s the shear realism that's breathtaking and instantly discernible compared with its peers.
You'll immediately notice the very wide bandwidth power delivery, low freqencies being strong and faithfully reproduced.

Voices have a tonality that's simply real and tactile and the weight and power behind the sound brings solidity.
With this immense power there is also control and a delicacy that allows the inner detail to be fully revealed.

Through its fully balanced design, noise levels are exceptionally low and distortion levels almost negligible.
There's a massive 2KVA mains transformer and colossal 600,000uF of storage capacity to give almost limitless headroom.
Heatsinks that allow for the 430W into 8 Ohms to run cool, even under exceptional loads and sound levels.
Each amplifier has wheels for ease of moving the 65Kg and an optional dedicated isolation stand.


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Manufacturer AVID
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: 1x XLR - 1x RCA


: 4 x Gold Plated High Current


: 500 x 650 x 300mm (wxDxH)

Net weight

: 65Kg (144lbs


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