T+A PA3100HV Integrated Amplifier

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The PA 3100 HV is a further development of the PA 3000 HV, and most of its sub-assemblies are identical. The immediately obvious difference is the pair of VU meters in the front panel, which display the power generated per channel in logarithmic form in Watts into 4 Ohms. A revision of the pre-amplifier section (D.C. coupling) has brought an additional improvement in sound quality.
A further development is the redesigned analogue mains section and voltage power supply, which is similar to that of the A 3000 HV. This makes it possible to connect the supplementary PS 3000 HV mains section in order to gain a further increase in stability and performance of the power supply system as a whole. The additional unit provides an extra 1800 Watt of supply power, enabling the system to control even the most difficult loudspeakers without effort, so that they can unfold the best possible sound quality.

As an option the PA 3000 HV and PA 3100 HV can also be fitted with High-End phono pre-amplifier modules which feature different circuit topologies to suit MM or MC systems. It is also possible to install the analogue signal processor module which has been developed for the P 3000 HV to provide channel-separate tone and loudness functions.
The all-metal F3001 infra-red remote control handset is supplied as standard.
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Pre-amplifier stage

Frequency response + 0 / – 3 dB
0,5 Hz –300 kHz
Signal / noise ratio
105 / 110 dB
Total harmonic distortion
< 0,001%
< 0,001 %
Channel separation
> 90 dB
Nominal input sensitivity High level (RCA)
7 x 250 mVeff ... 6 Veff / 20 kOhms
Nominal input sensitivity Balanced (XLR)
4 x 500 mVeff ... 12 Veff / 5 kOhms


50 Ohms
1 x Recorder
250 mVeff / 100 Ohms
nom 1 Veff, max 9,5 Veff / 50 Ohms
nom 1,45 Veff, max 19,6 Veff / 50 Ohms

Output stage

RMS output per channel into 8 Ohms
300 Watts
RMS output per channel into 4 Ohms
500 Watts
Peak output into 8 Ohms
380 Watts
Peak output into 4 Ohms
700 Watts
Power bandwith
1 Hz – 150 kHz
Frequency response + 0 / – 3 dB
0,5 Hz – 180 kHz
Slew rate
60 V/µs
Damping factor
> 65
Signal / noise ratio
> 115 dB
Total harmonic distortion
< 0,03 %
Reservoir capacity
120000 µF

Mains / Accessories / Dimensions

110 V/60 Hz or 220/240 V/50 Hz
< 0,5 W
Remote control
F 3001
Trigger input +5 ... 20V for external switching-on
Input 4 can be configured in surround mode
(Surround pass-through)
connectivity for additional PS 3000 HV
LAN connector for home-automation systems
Dimensions (H x W x D)
17 x 46 x 46 cm
38 kg