Chord CPA 2500 Pre Amplifier

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The CPA 2500 is our entry-level preamp and represents the most affordable way into Chord pre/power ownership. A full-width design and the perfect complement to our SPM 650 power amp, the CPA 2500 allows the direct connection of up to six ancillary devices via its unbalanced RCA inputs. For high-performance connections and longer cable runs between pre/power amps, the CPA 2500 is equipped with two pairs of balanced outputs and one pair of unbalanced RCA outputs. Although suitably minimalist in its configuration, the CPA 2500’s balanced output amplifier section utilises a highly accurate, high-performance design, capable of delivering the transparency that Chord amplification has become internationally known for.

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Manufacturer Link Chord CPA 2500 Pre Amplifier
Manufacturer Chord Electronics
Free warranty 5 years
Delivery Charge Free
Delivery Time 1 - 5 Working Days
Card Surcharge No
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Harmonic Distortion:

10Hz -90dB 10kHz -89dB
1kHz -91dB 20kHz -87dB

Intermodulation Distortion:

-100dB on all inputs

Signal to Noise Ratio:

-93dB all inputs except Video (-83dB)

Channel Separation:

10Hz 93dB 10kHz 91dB
1kHz 95dB 20kHz 89dB

Channel Balance:


Frequency Range:

2.5Hz – 200kHz (-3dB)

Input Max:

Disc 1 3.6V rms Radio 3.6V rms
Disc 2 3.6V rms Tape 1 3.6V rms
Video 3.6V rms Tape 2 3.6V rms

Nominal Gain:

1:1.3 (1V AC In gives 1.3V AC Out) RCA in to RCA out

Input Impedance:

47k ohms

Output Max:

15.6V rms balanced
7.8V rms unbalanced

Output Impedance:

470ohms (short circuit protected)

Dimensions Without Integra Legs:

420 x 88 x 355 (Width x Height x Depth)

Dimensions With Included Integra Legs:

480 x 88 x 395 (Width x Height x Depth)

Technical Spec:

10 Kg

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