Pro-Ject Record Box E Phono Stage

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The Record Box E is a reliable, well-built phono stage with a modern aesthetic appeal. Designed to amplify your turntable's cartridge output to Line level; the form factor of the unit is small and subtle, so it can be placed near the turntable or alongside your existing system without being intrusive.

The Record Box E offers pre-settings for Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges, and delivers a hi-fi music experience for an entry-level price. The advanced circuitry and SMD construction keeps noise and distortion at a low level, while the integrated shielding and outboard DC power supply reduce the risk of external interference. Input and Output sockets are gold-plated, to ensure the highest quality performance.

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Pro-Ject Record Box E Phono Stage


The Record Box E also boasts a USB output, for recording your vinyl to a PC or Mac in high-quality. This function works alongside the normal analogue outputs, so you can continue to listen through your normal hi-fi system as you record to a computer.

The Record Box E is simple to use and great to listen to. Perfect for budding audio enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Amplification and RIAA equalisation for MM and MC cartridges 
  • Design principle inspired by Dr. Sykora 
  • Record vinyl direct to a computer via USB output
  • Driver-less USB output works on Windows® and Mac OS®
  • SMD circuitry
  • Special low noise components
  • Internal metal shielding
  • Small size allows for installation close to the turntable
  • Gold-plated RCA connectors
  • Outboard power supply included

Technical Data

Input Impedance: MM: 47kΩ
MC: 100Ω
Input Capacitance: MM: 120pF
MC: 120pF
Gain: MM: 40dB
MC: 60dB
Output Voltage (Typically): MM: 300mV/1kHz (at 3mV / 1kHz)
MC: 300mV (at 0.3mV / 1kHz)
Max. Output:  9.5V (1kHz) 
Noise Floor MM/MC: MM: 94dB (A Weighted)
MC: 75dB (A Weighted)
THD: MM: <0.01%
MC: <0.05%
RIAA Accuracy: 20Hz - 20kHz / max. 0.5dB
A/D Converter:  Burr Brown PCM2904 16-Bit Delta Sigma 
Sampling Rates:  32, 44.1 and 48kHz 
USB Output:  Type B (Mini)
USB Signal:  Digital Serial Data Protocol USB 1.1 
Operating Systems:  Windows XP®
Windows Vista®
Windows 7®
Windows 8®
Mac OS
Inputs / Outputs:  RCA (Pair)
Power Consumption: 100mA DC
Outboard Power Supply: 18V/500mA DC
Dimensions: 120 x 32 x 100mm
120 x 32 x 115mm (Incl. Sockets)
Weight: 250g



Pro-Ject Record Box E Phono Stage

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