Pro-Ject Absorb-IT Isolation Feet

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All audio components can be sensitive to mechanical vibrations which can hinder performance. Pro-Ject’s Absorb-IT feet are a stylish and effective solution to remove any unwanted vibration, and aid in delivering optimal sound. Aborb-IT houses Damp-IT feet inside a stylish aluminium enclosure for added aesthetic appeal.

Damp-IT was developed to work with speakers, turntables, CD players and tube amplifiers, as well as other components that may be sensitive to vibrations or positioned on glass, metal or thin wood platforms. Made of a high-tech synthetic rubber material, the feet effectively dampen a wide frequency range from infrasonic-levels to 500 Hz. When Damp-IT is installed you can play your system up to 30% louder without the risk of acoustic feedback.

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Pro-Ject Absorb-IT Isolation Feet


Because of its intelligent and rugged design, Absorb-IT can be used with any sensitive equipment with up-to four feet, and weighing up-to 64 kg!

Available in Black or Silver.

Key Features:

  • Special absorber feet in stylish metal housing
  • Made from high-tech synthetic rubber material.
  • Prevents transmission of mechanical vibration
  • Optimised to absorb frequencies from 20-500 Hz
  • Designed for CD players, turntables & tube amplifiers
  • Package includes 4 pieces
  • Effective decoupling


Technical Data

Suitable Weight: Up to 16kg Net For Each Foot
  Up to 48kg Maximum Using 3 Feet
  Up to 64kg Maximum Using 4 Feet
Diameter: 78mm
Height Of Outer Housing: 25mm 
Total Height Increase: 20mm 


Pro-Ject Absorb-IT Isolation Feet

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