Spendor D9

Spendor D9

Simply Put...Spendor's Best!

When Spendor made the announcement about adding another speaker to the well-received D series, my hope was for a large reference floorstanding speaker that happily competed with speakers like B&W’s 804 D3 (£6,750) and, maybe even the Focal Sopra No2 (£9,599). To my happiness, and the happiness of many, the D9 was finally announced. It was meant to surpass every modern tower-speaker that Spendor has ever manufactured.

For one to surpass its predecessors, one must use all that they have learned from them – this is rings true when it comes to the Spendor D9. Utilising and refining the technologies from the what Spendor have learned in their 40plus years of producing loudspeakers, especially those found in the D7, have helped them create one of the best, if not the best, sounding Spendor speaker theses ears have ever heard.

Out of the box, you can tell these bad boys need a bit of running in; but so do all speakers – so no big deal there.  What I wasn’t expecting to hear was this very open sound the D9 produced.  What was even more shocking was the very attractive midrange reproduction I heard. I believe a lot of this comes from the complete separation and isolation of the midrange drive unit. Having one job to perform, the 180mm EP77 polymer coned driver focuses solely on frequencies from 501Hz to 4.19kHz and without being contaminated by and low or high frequencies, gives the listener a very natural sound.  By completely isolating the midrange driver in its own enclosure, has proven its worth by its ability to recreate some of the best vocals with lifelike clarity that I’ve heard from any speaker Spendor has produced.  

In order to reproduce elegant high frequencies, Spendor decided to incorporate their tweeter from the D7 – the Spendor LPZ tweeter. The L stands for Linear, the P for Pressure, and Z is for Zone. This is Spendor’s well-done attempt to achieve a challenge many drive unit manufactures have to face – to make a tweeter that will have a linear acoustic output across a wide frequency range, and I have to say it performs very well indeed. The high frequency reproduction is delicate and accurate while remaining potent and engaging. The LPZ tweeter adds to the speaker’s ability to create a three-dimensional sound stage where instruments and musicians are easily placed by the listener. It integrates so well with the midrange and bass drivers; the overall balance is fantastic.

The low frequency drivers are two 180mm two-part bonded light weight Kevlar composite coned drivers. And with the combination of Spendor’s fifth generation Linear Flow port technology, the cabinet’s asymmetric aperture bracing, and Spendor’s dynamic dampening the low frequency response has as extremely fast unrestricted sound. This speaker does not lack bass, rather it has plenty of grunt but without getting muddy – a very accomplished articulate low end.  Again, adding to this speaker’s overall balance, making it hard not to fall in love with.

This is a big speaker and is intended to be used in medium to large rooms. I believe it would work in small rooms as the D9 produces a full dynamic range at lower volumes due to its high sensitivity (90dB), but if you have a smaller room and like your music loud, this speaker simply isn’t for you as it will create mass amounts of bass-boom. But if you are like me and have a medium/large listening room, then definitely have a listen to this speaker.

If you like the sound of the D7 then you will love the sound of the D9 – the D9 isn’t just the D7 on steroids. Oh no, Spendor have done some key design additions to their new speaker that take it to the next level. I can happily say with confidence that this speaker competes well with the likes of B&W’s 804 D3 and other speakers in its price point. The D9 is a marvel to have in your system with its open and revealing nature you won’t miss any of the nuances your music has hidden within; for you rock n’ roll/metal and electronic/dub-step lovers these speakers will play loud and hard, enough for any house party.  I highly recommend having a listen if you’re in the market for a large traditional-tower speaker that is happy with whatever you throw at it.  

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