Spendor Classics: Now In Store

Spendor Classics: Now In Store

Available for Demonstration

Starting in the late 60s, Spendor have continued to impress hi-fi enthusiasts across the globe over the decades as one of the biggest names in the loudspeaker industry. Their new Classic models are built around a totally new generation of Spendor drive units. Featuring advanced polymer and Kevlar cones, cast magnesium alloy chassis, high-efficiency motor systems, optimised electro-dynamic damping and excellent thermal dissipation, they deliver a truly captivating sound with unprecedented transparency and dynamic contrast.

Being such big fans of the previous Spendor product line and the flagship SP200, we decided to try out their newest Classic range. Below you can see our unboxing process. 


We have broken the factory seal on our Classic models.                       The Classic 100's are revealed! 

Some close-up of the details at the bridging pins...   The Spendor speaker in all of its glory.           The pair out of their boxes, ready to play.

A little detailed look at the badge on the front of the grilles. 

 Inspired by the enthusiastic world-wide response following the introduction of the flagship Spendor SP200, for 2017 they are introducing the most significant performance improvements ever across all models.
With meticulously refined crossover networks, enhanced cabinet structures, new elastomer panel damping and new style magnetic grilles, the new Spendor Classic loudspeakers deliver music with the captivating warmth and charm of the 70s originals. Refined and perfected over five decades, Spendor Classic offers the ultimate in pure listening pleasure for serious audiophiles.


Although we didn't capture the unboxing process of some of the other models, we do have a cast of them for you to admire. Shown below are the Classic 3/1 and Classic 2/3's in the Cherry and Dark Walnut finishes, respectively.


The family of Classic standmounts in a line-up.                          A look at the rear ports and pins of two Classic models.


Some detail on the corner, badge and grille of the speaker front.      An angled view of the Classic range.


The 3/1's towering above their larger model.   An idea of the Spendors from stand height against floor height.

As always with new speakers, they need a certain period of time to run-in so we can get an idea of what they really sound like. We will update this post after running a series of tests with varying sources and amplifiers.
If you would like to listen for yourself to these, or any of Spendor's range, please contact one of our team at Edinburgh or Falkirk here


For more information about Spendor click HERE

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