Quad Artera Play & Stereo

Quad Artera Play & Stereo

A Legacy Reborn For Today's World

There is no mistake when it you see the new Artera Play (£1,399) and Stereo (£1,499) that they are a product of Quad – especially with the company’s iconic logo on the lower right side of the front facia. From the CNC machined heatsinks to the top glass panel insert, and with the textured aluminium front facia (available in silver or black) this series of Quad kit has to be the most modern looking kit it has produced in recent times. The aesthetic design is simple and would happily fit in most homes today, no matter what the décor is. Even better than the looks, is the sound.

Starting with the Play – not only do you get a preamplifier with two analogue inputs. You also get a digital hub that can support all you digitised media with a 32-bit ESS Sabre 9018 8-channel DAC chip; this DAC chip can handle high-resolution media files up to 384kHz/32-bit and DSD at 64/128/256 – this also includes media being feed to the USB-A input.  Not to neglect anyone’s needs, Quad also included a slot loading CD transport in the Play. In order to get the very best from your silver-discs, the CD transport minimises time domain errors (“jitter”) by buffering all incoming data before sending it to the DAC. 

While the Play might be the brains behind the Artera series, the Stereo is the brawn. Working with current dumping technology since the launch of the Quad 405 power amplifier back in 1975, Quad knows a thing or two about this amplification topology. Having over forty years to refine and perfect it, the Stereo is an absolute gem and will drive most speakers without losing a step with 140 watts going into 8 ohms and becoming a whopping 250 watts into 4 ohms. 

Either the Play or the Stereo are great products on their own and will assimilate into most system seamlessly and bring it up to a level of being Quad.  To keep the Artera Play and Stereo as versatile as possible, Quad have included both single-ended RCA and balanced XLR preamplifier outputs (Play) and inputs (Stereo).

The Artera family will not stop with just the Play and Stereo, in the near future we are expecting a variety of components to launch. Did someone say a dedicated Quad streamer/network player??? Fingers crossed we see it sooner than later…

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