Naim SuperNait 2

Naim SuperNait 2

Visually Understated But Musically Brilliant

When you see the Naim SuperNait 2 in person, its modest exterior design is relatively soft spoken and understated with its two large rotary dials (volume and balance) on the left side of the facia and the single line of input buttons taking up the right side of the facia. However, once the Naim badge in the middle is illuminated in green as the rear power rocker-switch is clicked into the on position, the SuperNait 2 transforms into a whole another beast.

With a very conservative rating of 80 watts per channel into 8 ohms, the current that the SuperNait possess will drive most speakers you throw at it. Its ability to draw such high amounts of current stem from the custom-designed toroidal transformer that has even separate windings. Personally, I have listened to it using many different speakers and I have not been able to find more than a few speakers it couldn’t drive properly. A classic combination with the SuperNait is combination is with B&W 800 D3 series speakers, the 804 D3 in particular. One of my personal favourites is pairing it with my reference speakers the Harbeth Super HL5plus.  No matter what speaker you combine it with, it will be truly tantalising.

To have so much high current on hand, Naim wanted to make sure that the not only could their flagship integrated amplifier drive most any speaker, but could create an insightful soundstage that articulates the emotion, subtleties, and nuances within our favourite recordings. To do this they decided to ensure that the preamplifier stage would be up to the challenge of the most discerning audiophiles and included a built in discrete-regulator (DR) for the preamp’s power-supply. To further quality of sound reproduction Naim cleverly used ceramic heat sinks; not only do they help disperse heat and keep the amp running at its ideal temperature, the ceramic also acts as isolation for the power and preamplifier sections.

With the decision to scrap the DAC from the original SuperNait, Naim could now focus their attention on how it processes an analogue signal. The NAC 552, Naim’s flagship preamplifier, was the inspiration for its little brother. The SuperNait 2 has kept its versatility for sources; the five line inputs can accept either RCA or Din connections and are individually decoupled and hand wired to ensure minimal interference.

One of the nicest aspects of owning Naim kit, is the ability to upgrade.  The SuperNait can remain the epicentre of your system as you upgrade other aspects. For example, you can upgrade the preamplifier stage of the SuperNait 2 by adding an external power supply (HiCap or SuperCap); or, if you find a that the new speakers you just got are a little too demanding for the SuperNait 2 on its own, then add a Naim power amplifier (NAP 200 or NAP 250). If you’re a vinyl junkie like myself, you can hook up one of Naim’s phono stages, a Stageline or Superline, to the SuperNait’s dedicated Din connection (aux 2) for power and signal. The SuperNait 2 is not short on upgradeability.

This is one of those integrated amplifiers that can easily be overlooked with its understated no bells and whistles demeanour – but once it is on, there is no overlooking this gem. If you are in the market for an amplifier sub £5000, I highly recommend giving this beauty a listen.  

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