Linn News: Selekt DSM and Space Optimisation

Linn News: Selekt DSM and Space Optimisation

Out With The Old

In today's announcement, Linn have announced they will no longer manufacture any DS models, instead opting to revitalise and prioritise the DSM range. From 1st October 2018, the line-up will purely comprise of Majik DSM, Selekt DSM, Akurate DSM and Klimax DSM.

What better way to do this than to introduce a new model?

Introducing the Selekt DSM. A glorious streamer/pre-amp, set to rival the likes of Naim's Uniti range, it redefines Linn streamers both technologically and aesthetically.

The base model can be purchased for £4000, and will feature three other configurations and optional upgrades that can be added at purchase or at a later date. To add a Class D power amplifier, a Linn Katalyst DAC module or both, this will cost £5250, £5500 or £6750 respectively. All these add-ons can be installed by ourselves in store or at home to save you the hassle. These are planned for Spring next year.

Like other dedicated streamers Linn have made, this Selekt DSM will have full compatibility with the likes of Tidal, Qobuz, Roon and your direct music drive. Linn is also utilising a USB digital input (up to 192 kHz) to offer a solution for people streaming directly from a computer, as well as the usual RCA, HDMI, SPDIF and Toslink inputs. Selekt is also fully compatible with Exakt systems, and there are plans in 2019 to add an additional HDMI module to eable surround sound.

As well as this product news, the space optimisation software that Linn is known for is getting a fresh reboot for all compatible models. This means that you can now configure your rooms more accurately, even for those that are not in a standard rectangular layout. This new version also accounts for pressure changes in the room over time to target the decay as well as amplitude of room modes.

All of this information and the full specifications of the Selekt DSM can be found on Linn's website.

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