Devialet: Sky Soundbox

Devialet: Sky Soundbox

Today one of our partners - Devialet  - announce a partnership with Sky and launch the ‘Soundbox’, a soundbar style product designed to open up the Devialet performance to more people. We thought we would give you a little bit of our insight into this move from this premium audio brand. 

Often in the world of luxury goods, it’s not just about the sound quality (as much as we would like it to be). It’s also about the awareness of the brand.
Hi-Fi Corner has always pioneered and presented brands which we feel fulfil our values; mainly it needs to offer class leading sound performance and be reliable. Ever come into a Hi-Fi Corner store and been shown something that sounds great but never heard of it? This is why. Devialet for us is something we have presented to customers, with the typical reaction of “Who are Devialet?” or “It sounds great ,but I don’t know them, so I'll stick to brands I know”. 

But that might all be about to change. Devialet’s joint venture with Sky will mean the name will be exposed to millions of new customers. It’s deigned as an origins product to offer an easy route to access the brand from which then they are more likely to discover the wonderful world of performance audio.

This new unit has been described as being able to compete with a full cinema system of 5.1 setup, with immersive surround sound.

The sound settings automatically change in real time depending on the content being viewed on Sky, to ensure the best sound quality and immersion at any volume.

While the Sky Soundbox is intended for use Sky+ and Sky Q systems, it will be compatible with most devices. Featuring an HDMI input and output, an optical input from TV, Bluetooth 4.1, and compatibility with Dolby Digital+. However, the product is not currently compatible with Dolby Atmos.

The Sky Soundbox is expected to hit the market in Autumn this year, with existing Sky customers eligible for a large discount.


We have been working with Devialet since early in 2016. Impressed with their performance, technology and style it’s not often a new electronics brand arrives (in the world of hi-fi) to outwit the niche brands made in small numbers of units by a small team. Devialet, however, have attracted not only the attention of audiophiles, but also the investment from a number of high profile individuals and companies, catapulting them to becoming an audio brand with perhaps more engineers than any other audio company in the world. 


Now you know who they are, and they are here to stay, come and listen to the full Phantom range of products with the friendliest hi fi team in the world, Paul, Pel and Armin at Falkirk. Their dedicated amplifier will astound you, and it competes head on with Naim and Vitus which we also keep available for listening comparisons. 

More information on the Soundbox is available HERE

To find out more about Devialet click HERE

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