Chord Poly - A Quick Guide

Chord Poly - A Quick Guide

Mojo's New Best Friend

After a long wait, the Chord Poly has been launched last week and it has been a huge hit. Designed to work with the Chord Mojo headphone amplifier and DAC, these two are a match made in HiFi heaven.
Following the anticipated launch of the Poly streaming module, here are some tips and explanations for using Poly to its full potential.

1. Poly Lights:-

   a) When the Poly flashes blue then green, it means Poly is in access point / hotspot mode.
You will be able to see a WiFi network called ‘Poly’ to connect to and then use the config webpage to make changes to Poly setup. Please keep in mind Bluetooth will not function in this mode.

b) A solid light means Poly is connected to a WiFi network. The light indicates the battery life of your Poly; it will be blue when fully charged, then green, yellow, red as the battery depletes.
c) Flashing Blue means Poly is connected and playing via Bluetooth.
d) A solid white light means Poly is on charge.

2. To access the config webpage, Poly must be in access point mode and the light must be flashing green and blue.
You will see a WiFi network called ‘Poly’ followed by a number. Connect to this and the webpage should automatically appear. If you don't see the webpage, open any browser and type ‘’ into the search bar.

3. Poly hotspot mode can be permanently switched on. In this mode, it will always use it's own internal WiFi router and will not connect to the internet or any other WiFi network previously stored. On the config webpage, navigate to the Play mode settings tab and check the box marked ‘Keep in hotspot mode’

  Note:- Hotspot mode is the same as access point mode where Poly will be broadcasting and connected using its own internal WiFi router.

4. Phone hotspot mode should be set up in the same way as any other WiFi network.

Enter access point mode on Poly (flashing blue and green lights) and open the config webpage.

On the WiFi settings tab, add your SSID for your phone hotspot and the password. Tick the reboot on save box and the click the save button.

   Note:- Make sure your phone name (SSID) does not include any special characters like a dash or apostrophe; number sand letters only. So don't use the name Bob's iPhone - instead use Bobs iPhone.

On the iPhone, you can rename your phone by going to settings - general - about - name.

5. If you are having trouble getting Poly to remember WiFi settings, then make sure you tick the reboot on save box before clicking the save button. This will force Poly to reboot and change settings.

6. Apple Airplay will only output a 44KHz sample rate signal. This means the light on Mojo will always be red, even if you are playing a high resolution file. To play high resolution, make sure you use a DLNA/UPnP app such as 8Player or BubbleUPnP where you can select Poly as a Renderer output.

7. Tidal on the iPhone will only output using Airplay or Bluetooth. On android phones you can use apps such as BubbleUPnP, which include Tidal integration to play music directly to Poly as a renderer.

8. Checking the saved WiFi networks. On the config page is a tab called Manage Connections. This will show all the WiFi networks setup inside Poly. Here you can manage and delete them if you require. Poly will automatically connect to all the WiFi networks listed, providing they are in range and it will connect to the strongest first.

9. If you have your headphones or HiFi system connected to Mojo, then you can make Poly 'speak' the mode and IP address it is connected to. Just give a short press on the config button and you will hear Poly announce the settings. If you press and hold for more than 2 seconds then Poly will say 'entering access point mode' and it will reset.

We hope you found this quick guide useful. As always, if you have any questions or if you are interested in this product, please consider getting in contact with one of our team. The Mojo and Poly are both available for demonstration by appointment.

For more information about Chord Electronics Poly module click HERE

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