Bowers & Wilkins - Trade Up To Diamond

Bowers & Wilkins - Trade Up To Diamond

Upgrading to the Diamond Series of B&W is now easier than ever.

From 1st May to 31st July 2018, Hi-Fi Corner will purchase your current speakers irrespective of their condition, age, price or brand to give you a headstart in upgrading to a pair of 800 Series Diamonds from B&W.
We can offer up to 100% buy back value for your speakers that will make your decision to renovate your hi-fi system seamless and hassle-free.

This promotion includes all models in the 800 Diamond range; 805 D3, 804 D3, 803 D3, 802 D3 and 800 D3.

If you have any questions, are interested, or would like to arrange a demonstration of any B&W products, please contact us for more information.

More information on the B&W 800 Diamond Series is available here

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