Arcam SR250

Arcam SR250

Not Your Everyday Integrated Amplifier

Now if I was asked about a year or so ago, what I thought would be one of Arcam's latest and greatest all around product, I most likely would have talked about their analogue integrated amplifiers. And guess what, I wouldn't have been too far off.

The strides Arcam has made with Class-G amplification over the years has been incredible. The FMJ A39{insert a hyperlink] (£1,499) is the first integrated amplifier in their two-channel range to incorporate this topology, where the first 20 watts is in pure class-A amplification with no crossover distortion and if more power (up to 120 watts into 8 ohm) is required multiple power supplies will ensure the delivery of whatever is needed. Next in the 2-channel integrated amplifiers is the A49 (£3,750) with an increase in amplification up to 200 watts into 8 ohms, where the first 50 watts is in pure Class-A.

With the success of their recent release of their AV amplifiers with one of the strongest and highly regarded room correction facilities on the market, Dirac Live - Arcam made the brilliant decision to combine their two greatest technological assets/skills and developed the SR250 £2,499).

At first glance, the SR250 might not get the recognition it deserves. This stereo-receiver comes absolutely fully loaded with more tricks up its sleeve than a circus clown. First off, the quality of it as a simple integrated amplifier sits comfortably between the A39 and A49 with a similar topology - so even without using all its other features you're getting very well accomplished integrated amplifier.

But then why buy a product like the SR250 if you weren't going to utilize everything it has to offer? As digital music becomes more and more prominent and of high quality, it is becoming almost essential to have a DAC and so Arcam have included one - they also included the latest HDMI spec inputs (x7) and outputs (x3) most people will ever need. Also included SR250's one box solution is the ingenuity of Dirac Live - so even the worst acoustically challenged listening rooms will sound the best they ever have.

If you do not want to sacrifice the quality of your two-channel musical experience and are planning on using your hi-fi system as part of your home entertainment system but don't want to go to a full multi-channel system; or, if you have a less than ideal listening room and/or constraints in your listening room - than Arcam's S250 might just be what you've been waiting for.

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