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Meridian 818v3 Reference Audio Core

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The ultimate home audio system hub, the 818v3 Reference Audio Core is the highest performance two-channel preamplifier manufactured by Meridian. With a full suite of the unique resolution enhancement technologies on-board and extensive connection options for all of your audio sources, the 818v3 delivers the very best listening experience.

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Manufacturer Meridian
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The 818v3 is the highest performance two-channel preamplifier and Meridian Sooloos end-point manufactured by Meridian – the ultimate home audio system hub. Connecting at the heart of an incredible Meridian music system, it offers simple networked integration with any Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System plus an array of other sources, including MQA-encoded files and streams. Since its introduction in 1998, Meridian’s 800 Reference Series has showcased the very best in surround sound, DVD, CD, and network music playback, becoming the benchmark against which performance standards have been set throughout the audio industry

Product Highlights

Reference preamplifier featuring Meridian enhancement technologies such as FIFO buffering, DSP upsampling and apodising filters to deliver the very best performance from any digital source.

  • Connects directly to a Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System to make the 818v3 an audio endpoint.
  • Full range of analogue and digital inputs allowing the 818v3 to handle all your sources, with Meridian enhancements on the digital inputs.Standby mode maintains voltage rails for instant warm-up.
  • Magnetically isolated design maximises audio quality.
  • Meridian SpeakerLink connection for ultimate quality and convenience of installation when driving Meridian DSP Loudspeakers.

User Features

  • The 818v3 features twin SpeakerLink outputs for “home run” connection in an all-digital system with any of Meridian’s SpeakerLink equipped DSP Loudspeakers.
  • A diverse range of high-performance audio inputs, both analogue and digital, allow audio sources to be switched and processed using the same powerful audio enhancing DSP as the internal Digital Media source.
  • Simple, high-qualityUSB connection to a personal computer allows the 818v3 to function as an external soundcardwhen connected to a personal computer and perfomance is limited only by the source signal.
  • The 818v3 also supports the playback of DSD sources via DSD-over-PCM (DoP) from a suitable media player via USB or S/PDIF inputs which accept sources up to 192kHz, 24 bit.
  • Features such as Bass, Treble, Balance, Enhanced Bass Alignment and Enhanced Boundary Control can be set from the Audio Control unit, with Bass, Treble and Balance adjustment provided on the analogue outputs.


Meridian’s Audio Core concept combines the source connectivity features of a high-performance preamplifier with a full suite of proprietary resolution enhancement technologies, providing connectivity to Meridian’s unique range of DSP Loudspeakers.

Mqa – Master Quality Authenticated

Built in MQA decoder and Digital inputs support the revolutionary MQA process, which delivers the accurate sound of the studio – guaranteed.

Meridian’s Speakerlink Connection System

SpeakerLink delivers the highest quality digital signals to Meridian’s DSP Loudspeakers using discreet cables with simple connectors

Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System

The 818v3 provides an internal digital media source through a network connection to any Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System.

Enhancement Technologies

FIFO buffering, DSP upsampling, apodising filters and MHR (Meridian High Resolution) are employed to get the very best performance from all digital sources. In addition, the DSP capability – using a brand new DSP chip – allows the adjustment of lip-sync delay to ensure audio and video signals are always correctly synchronised.


Finished in high grade materials, the 818v.3 features sculptured end panels which mirror the soft lines of Meridian’s DPS Loudspeakers.

The 818v3 is available in black and the full range of Meridian Select colour options.

  • The 818v3 Reference Audio Core features an advanced linear power supply design for minimum noise and maximum signal integrity.
  • SpeakerLink helps make a Meridian system easier to install and far less intrusive than other high-end audio systems.
  • An enhanced analogue output card features advanced filtering for broader bandwidth, maximising the potential of high-resolution music.


Outputs - Analogue

1x unbalanced on phono, 1x balanced on XLR-3M, rendering of decoded MQA streams

Outputs - Digital

  • Coaxial S/PDIF ≤96kHz/24-bit
  • Twin SpeakerLink, RJ45 balanced (AES/EBU) digital interface for single-cable connection to other Meridian equipment, ≤96kHz/24-bit with MHR, and MQA signals for rendering by Meridian DSP loudspeakers

Inputs - Analogue

6x unbalanced on phono

Inputs - Digital

2x Coaxial S/PDIF ≤192kHz/24-bit, DoP, 2x Toslink optical ≤96kHz/24-bit, 1x SpeakerLink ≤192kHz/24-bit, 1x Asynchronous USB ≤192kHz/24-bit, DoP, MQA source decoding, DSD (DoP) native decode


Meridian Sooloos System: RJ45 Ethernet connection


  • Meridian Comms: 2x 240 degree 5-pinDIN, 1x SpeakerLink input with Comms, 2x SpealerLink outputs with Comms
  • RS232: 9-pin D-sub, remote control & configuration
  • Triggers: 3x 12V (barrel connectors)


  • Front panel: Source, Play/Pause, Previous, Next, Mute, Volume+, Volume-, Off
  • Behind long door: Menu, Up, Down, Left, Right, F-Fwd, F-Rwd, Setup, Source, Display, Mute, Volume+,Volume-
  • Remote Control: Via MSR+ (supplied) and RS232


20-character LCD: With adjustable brightness and contrast


  • Height: 175mm [6.9in]
  • Width: 480mm [18.9in]
  • Depth: 411mm [16.2in]
  • Weight: 16.0kg [35.2lbs]


Advanced linear power supply: 110 - 120 Volt 50/60Hz, 220 - 240 Volt 50/60Hz

Max Power Consumption: 40 Watts