Melco E100 External usb Hard Disk Drive

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Melco E100 - Streaming is a great way to access your music collection and Melco offer storage solutions that are designed to get the best performance from your music and HiFi system by designing their equipment using top quality audiophile components that are not just for reading data as a NAS drive, but to get the best sound quality possible, this is achieved by using quality power supplies and clever design as well as being able to connect it directly to your streamer or DAC cutting out the need to feed through a noisy router and with an ease of use, with no need for a computer. Melco really does make sense if you only want the best.

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  • Expand the storage for your Melco Server / Player
  • E100 embeds carefully selected 3TB HDD.
  • The drive is supported using with MELCO Highly Stable Storage System (HS-S2) same as N1ZS/2A.
  • MELCO branded circuit board is optimized from audiophile point of view to promise the highest quality transport.
  • The drive can be turned off  with the dedicated power switch.
  • The case is designed using the same concept as most recent MELCO music library products.
  • 2 mm thick under chassis supports the whole case with great rigidity.
  • Beautifully designed thick aluminum case is half size of N1A and fits most of desktop USB-DACs.
  • 3.6kg (almost 3.6x  that of similar IT drives)
  • MELCO Highly Stable Storage System holds whole drive with our dedicated technology.
  • Dedicated PCB holds capacitors for power supply and quality clock generator for better signal transmission.
  • HDD is formatted with exFAT. Reformat is available with Windows /  Mac PC. 


  • TO HOST - USB type B port is for N1 or PC to read the disk data.
  • TO DEVICE - USB type A port is for USB-DAC playback with N1 USB Local playback function.

Technical Specification:

  • Model -   E100-H30
  • Color - Silver
  • Weight -  3.6 kg (7.9 lb)
  • Size ( Wide, Height , Long ) - 215 x 61 x 269 mm
  • Capacity -  3.5inch 3TB HDD x 1
  • USB ports - USB 3.0 Type A  x 1 "TO DEVICE",  USB 3.0 Type B x 1 "TO HOST"
  • Power supply -  DV 12 v (48W AC adapter)