Kudos Cardea C10 Speakers

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The C10 is a truly outstanding compact loudspeaker which has already won a legion of admirers and has quickly earned itself a reputation as one of the best sounding anywhere. The 12 litre, reflex ported cabinet and 18cm main drive unit are taken from the C1 but that is where the similarities end and the magic begins. Instead of the already high quality tweeter used in the C1, the legendary 29mm SEAS Crescendo fabric dome unit is used - this is almost certainly the finest tweeter in the world. When used in the C10 this produces unrivalled ability to reproduce high frequencies accurately without negative “hi-fi” artefacts such as smearing of fine detail, or compression.
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Kudos Cardea C1 Speakers To make best use of this superb tweeter the crossover components and wiring are all of the highest quality. The capacitors are silver wired and made specifically for Kudos by Clarity Caps to the highest possible tolerances and internal cabling for the C10 is by the renowned cable specialists The Chord Company. Once again a low order crossover is used for minimal electrical interaction with the signal. According to Hi-Fi Choice magazine the C10 is “remarkably clean and well integrated… making others sound crude by comparison”. That the C10 delivers the essentials of imaging, detail and dynamics goes without saying, but to truly appreciate what this loudspeaker is capable of you must audition it yourself. Main driver: Kudos 18cm unit with coated paper cone and 39mm voice coil Tweeter: Kudos 29mm soft dome SEAS Crescendo Sensitivity: 87dB Impedance: 8 ohms Dimensions: 350mm x 200mm x 270mm (hwd) Frequency response: 40Hz – 30 kHz “AIRR” (Average In Room Response) Kudos Cardea C1 Speakers
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