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Icon Audio Stereo 60 MkIII Integrated Amplifier

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Second hand Icon Audio including KT180 upgrade.

This is Icon Audios biggest integrated amplifier. It is ideal for someone wanting a very dynamic fast sound. It has a big power supply, big output transformers, and uses the outstanding new KT120.

The new super strong KT120 has caused a storm in the Hi Fi world, with 50% more power than the KT88. It enabled Icon Audio to improve the sonics, power, distortion and reliability.

An excellent alternative to fast modern transistor amplifiers, the ST60IIIm will deliver the finest detail of modern recording in a graceful way or present Jazz and Rock music without harshness.

Two Amplifiers in One. The Importance of Triode: The triode sound is preferred by many Hi Fi fans, but the power is always lower. Ignored or neglected in the past, Icon Audio gave equal priority to the Triode function so the full quality is maintained. With Icon Audios UL/Triode switch you can change from 80 watts to 40 watts of pure Triode at the flick of a switch.

You can use the Stereo 60 either as an integrated remote control amplifier, or as a power amplifier fed from the separate pre-amplifier.

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pecifications and Features

- May be used as a power amplifier
- Comprehensive manual supplied
- Built in “Easy Bias” Meter
- Hand wired point to point
- Japanese Blue ALPS volume pot.
- Class A, Triode front end
- Output circuit Ultralinear or Triode switchable
- 4x KT120 precisely matched
- KT88/6550 compatible
- 2x 6SL7 first stage valves
- 2x 6SN7 output driver valves
- 0D3 voltage regulator
- Valve warm up, protection circuit
- 80w RMS* per ch Ultralinear 8Ω KT120
- 65w RMS* per ch Ultralinear 8Ω KT88
- 35w RMS* per ch Triode mode 8Ω KT120
- Typical gain 70 (integrated) 20 (power amp mode)
- Signal to noise level better than -97db
- Freq response 20hz (-0.2dB) -20kHz – 0db any power
- Full power bandwidth 20Hz (-0.2dB) -55kHz – 3dB
- THD less than 0.25% at 40W
- 4 and 8 ohm loudspeaker outputs
*Low Distortion Tertiary custom output transformers
- 3 potted transformers to reduce transformer noise
- Solen/SCR Hi Fi quality audio capacitors
- Jensen copper foil on request
- Silver PTFE audio cable
- ‘Soft start’ device incorporated
- Gold plated Input & speaker terminals
- Attractive Plexiglas cover
- Four line inputs 
- Tape monitor circuit
- 300mv sensitivity.(high) for full output
- 950mv sensitivity (low) for full output
- 230/240volts 240watts typical, 500w max
- C E. ROHS.
- 44W, 40D, 23H, 35kg