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Graham Slee Elevator EXP Electronic MC Step Up Transformer

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The Elevator EXP does just what its name suggests: it elevates the tiny signal from conventional moving coil cartridges to moving magnet level, and at the same time gives it the EXPress Elevator treatment! Use the Elevator EXP with one of our great moving magnet phono stages and you're in for a treat! We recommend you use it with our Reflex M, Revelation M or Era Gold V phono preamps — and so do a number of reviewers! The Elevator EXP also features 7 different preset cartridge load impedances easily selected on the front panel. IMPORTANT: This item is not a MC phono stage in itself, it must be used in conjunction with an existing MM phonostage. Both items together then act as a MC phono stage.
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Manufacturer Link Graham Slee Elevator EXP Electronic MC Step Up Transformer
Manufacturer Graham Slee
Free warranty 2 years
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Graham Slee Elevator EXP Electronic MC Step Up Transformer It's the electronic equivalent of a moving coil step up transformer, or as moving coil enthusiasts abbreviate it: SUT. However, a step up transformer easily picks up hum and electrical disturbances — it also consumes some of the delicate signal current to magnetize its core. What's so bad about that? Read on. There would be nothing wrong at all if moving coil cartridges put out a flat frequency response, but being magnetic, they have a rising output - they output 100 times more 20kHz treble than they do 20Hz bass. That makes transformer design difficult — it's never going to perform at its best. Enter the electronic solution - the Elevator EXP. It uses a technique from our Ultra-Linear "toolbox" - this time as extended open-loop frequency response, and that's something usually only available with tube amplification, but tubes can't do such low level signals. Therefore it's hardly surprising that it does the tube sound, but without all the problems you get with tubes — it's an excellent addition for a tube phono preamp to be able to use moving coil. Features Seven different preset cartridge load impedances at your fingertips - no fiddly adjustments! Tube like extended open-loop frequency response from our Ultra-Linear "toolbox" Inherent reduced vinyl click and pop characteristic Rock steady sound stage and truly 3D performance Solid-state reliability Graham Slee Elevator EXP Electronic MC Step Up Transformer