Yamaha CD-S3000 CD Player

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High-rigidity drive mechanism and innovative circuit design for loss-less audio. Breaks through to the ultimate in audio reproduction—and the very essence of music.

Yamaha’s highest class CD Player—the CD-S3000.

The S3000 Series is the absolute culmination of hi-fidelity audio. Yamaha knows all about sound and even more about music, and has brought all its rich artistic sensitivity into the creation of this line.

All the energy and finely nuanced technique of the artist, all the power and subtlety of the original music is fully reproduced, with absolutely nothing left out. The result is a remarkably pure sound—powerfully expressive and exquisitely profound.

Beautiful and elegant in appearance, sturdy and reliable in construction, created with the latest, innovative technology and genuine craftsmanship—all nurtured by our long experience in the manufacture of musical instruments.

Yamaha proudly offers this new high-end lineup, delivering supreme quality in every way. This is the manifestation of our passion to give music lovers the ultimate in listening enjoyment—a tradition we've been carrying on and advancing for more than 125 years.

At time of writing we have a very limited run of these outstanding CD players in Silver.

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Manufacturer Yamaha
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Yamaha CD-S3000 CD Player


    Optimised High-precision Rigid CD Mechanism with heavy anchors improves vibration control and achieves precise signal reading
    High rigidity aluminium CD tray
    High rigidity main chassis improves anti-vibration properties and left-right symmetrical construction
    Independent configuration of digital and analogue circuits
    Digital/analogue boards with integrated power supply circuits
    Single-stage configuration I/V conversion circuit enables direct analogue output
    Exceptionally high performance 32-bit D/A converter
    Built-in USB DAC functions
    ASIO 2.3 Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver
    Pure Direct Mode further enhances the quality of analogue sound

At time of writing we have a limited run of these outstanding CD players in Silver.