Stillpoints Ultra 6 Isolation Feet

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  • Flagship Stillpoint
  • Improve clarity and musicality
  • Priced Individually

The Stillpoints Ultra 6 is the current flagship Stillpoint and it raises the bar considerably over anything that has gone before it.

Specifically designed to get the very best out of electronics, the Ultra 6 places the technology pocket directly on the outside of the Stillpoint itself, so when placed under an amplifier or DAC the pocket is touching the underside of the component itself, making it much more effective at doing its job.

If you crave resolution, transparency with real bass texture and tone (so many systems which produce ‘bass’ often sound ponderous and one-note when you go back to them after removing Ultra 6’s!). Remember the Stillpoints are not adding anything into the signal path, they are simply de-coupling the item in question from the surface on which it sits. The won’t make your system brighter or lively, but they will allow you to hear more of the signal.

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Manufacturer Still Points
Free warranty 3 years
Delivery Charge Free
Delivery Time Normally 1 - 5 Working Days (Covid-19 and Brexit Delays Possible, contact us for more information)
Card Surcharge No
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Like the Ultra 5 the Ultra 6 offers no adjustment – so if your surface is uneven or you need additional flexibility you can add Ultra Bases.


2 Kg


Maximum 1.92 inches


2.97 inches