Stax SR-007 MK2 Omega System - (SR-007 MK2 / SRM-007t II)

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The SR-007 MK2 System includes a Kimik 2 modified SRM-007t energiser fitted with Cryogenically treated and precisely matched 6FQ7 vacuum tubes. The tubes are fitted with Bermuda Audio Tuning 3 ring dampers. A Synergistic Research Red Fuse is also added. All SRM-007t II energisers undergo seven days of run in and bias adjustment.

In 1959 STAX developed the world’s first electrostatic headphone. Today STAX continues their tradition by offering the finest headphones for both professional and audiophile applications. STAX prefers to all its headphones “EARSPEAKERS”; such Ultra-High Fidelity devices for reproducing music can only be compared with the best cost-no-object loudspeakers, not other headphones. The term ”EARSPEAKER” is therefore more descriptive of STAX’s contribution to today’s most advanced level of sonic transduction.

Audio is a field in which there are many different approaches depending on the development concept. Needless to say, quality is always the primary consideration. But results in the case of speakers will differ considerably, depending on whether the frequency band is widened to the maximum possible extent or whether sonic pressure level is taken. Even a larger number of combinations are possible with Electrostatic Earspeakers. STAX has put together a line-up that is suitable for any set-up!

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Powerful Sound with Utmost Delicacy
The rationale is the development of the new SR-007MK2 Earspeaker was to provide deep powerful sound previously unobtainable in Earspeakers. STAX engineers developed a unique new electrode structure. Visible through the outer case, gold plated on the outer edge this new electrode has no holes unlike conventional STAX Earspeakers and thus provides an increases diaphragm vibration area allowing for rich and powerful sound yet retaining all the delicacy STAX is famous for.

Rigid Metal Housing
To maintain clear distortion free sound it is most important that nothing other than the diaphragm should vibrate. Within the STAX SR-007MK2 the sound element is encased in a thick insulated resin case firmly fixed to the rigid body. The results are nothing short of spectacular.

Fully Adjustable Earpads
Utmost comfort for maximum enjoyment of your STAX SR-007MK2 is provided with earpads that are fully adjustable to the shape of your head that are made of genuine sheep skin.

Improved Frequency Response
Newly improved circuit raises the frequency response to 100kHz (from 70kHz) to accommodate newer generation audio formats such as SACD and DVD-A.

Pure Balance Amplifier
The electrostatic transducer is driven by electrodes set on both sides of the diaphragm which carry the push-pull signals. This is thus virtually the only replay system that enables the listener to enjoy replay unique to balance transmission without the need to pass through a transformer or inversion amplifier.

Heater Power Supply
Adopting a rectifier circuits combining low-noise, low-loss Schottky barrier diodes and large electrolytic capacitors. Low-ripple DC power source improves the SN ratio.

Output Stage
A simple two-stage amplifier configuration using high-voltage DCT (Deep Cryogenically Treated) matched valves with 24 karat gold plated pins and EAT dampers which deliver straightforward properties that have a transparent and clear sound quality.

Input Stage
Employs Hand pick low noise FET and 6 acoustic high sound quality relays. Simultaneous switching system adopted from SRM-T2 , input source is isolated of direct current and no interference between different devices.

High Quality Volume Control
High sound quality quadruple volume unit which makes XLR inputs as well as any analog line level inputs possible

Run In

The "Kimik" special edition has a 5 day BIAS and balance setup period