Esabilished in 1975 and now part of Buffalo Technology, Japan's foremost technology manufacturing company, every Melco product is made in Japan. Built without compromise, to exacting standards, only the best components and audiophile parts make it into a Melco unit. The build, sound, and feature set add something to our portfolio which no other brand does at this price point. Whether you want the best local storage for your existing digital music player, something to reduce digital noise on your home network, or a full blown streamer with digital output, Melco cover a number of bases and performance levels. 

Don't let all that technical tour de force distract you, Melco has proper musical routes, making some of the world's finest turntables. One of our good friends and customers owns on, which you can read about here.

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Contact Struan in our Edinburgh store to arrange a demonstration / chat about the difference between the various models. 

Currently we have on demonstration:

Melco N100 EX 

Melco N1A Mk2 EX 

Melco N10 EX

All other Melco products are available for demonstration on request. 

You can see our full range of streamers including Linn, Naim, DCS, Auralic and others here - we love Melco for their flexability, storage and direct music download features.