Entreq Silver Tellus Ground Box

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The Silver Tellus has four dedictaed outlets and can handle up to eight devices. In addition to the enhanced design of the Silver Tellus, it also includes  30% more Silver in its specialist mineral mix. All of  these advancements have resulted in a significant improvement in the effectiveness of the Silver Tellus to reduce noise and gain better dynamic's.

Weight 22 Kg  W 43cm - H 14cm - D 31cm

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Tellus have served us and customers well for many many years and will continue do even if we now will stop the production, when we introduce Tellus II. Tellus offers three dedicated ground points. This allows for up to a maximum of six ground cables to be simultaneously attached to the ground station. Until the introduction of our Silver Tellus, the Tellus was our reference product for many many years. Its ability & capacity to lower the noise floor, when used with our dedicated ground cables, can be quite incredible.

Weight 15 Kg  W 43cm - H 12cm - D 31cm

     Note : The Tellus or Silver Tellus is not designed to replace the                   protective ground on your electrical mains!