Yamaha 5000 Series Arrives

It was back in 2018 (doesn’t that feel like a long time ago?) when Yamaha announced their new 5000 series, and despite having sold a number of sets of NS5000 loudspeakers since then, it’s not until now that we finally receive our C5000 and M5000 pre and power amp to complete the system. Only one last piece of the puzzle remains, we are STILL waiting on our GT5000 turntable (GT standing for Gigantic and Tremendous no less!), but for now - a Yamaha CDS3000 CD player is the natural partner for this beastly system. 


The 5000 series consists of: 


Yamaha’s NS5000 loudspeakers, a large monitor style speakers with synthetic fibre drive units designed for consistency of sound across the achieved frequency range.  I was so impressed with these speakers I did a YouTube video for them, which can be found here.


Yamaha’s C5000 pre amplifier. A fully balanced design with a copper plated case to mitigate unwanted vibrations which degrade the sound, six RCA inputs including a phono stage and four balance inputs. 


Yamaha’s M5000 power amplifier. A monster 100 watt per channel (into 8 ohm) fully balanced power amplifier. Perfectly symmetrically designed for isolating left and right channels, with short signal and power supply paths to ensure the cleanest signal possible.

Anyone who has visited either our Falkirk or Edinburgh showrooms will tell you we don’t skimp on choice. We sell most of the mainstream electronic and speaker brands; Naim, Linn, B&W, Primare, Rotel, Quad, KEF, ATC, PMC, Dali, the list goes on, and also some of the less mainstream and really special ones; Ayon, Michell, PrimaLuna, Thalis, dCS, Harbeth to name but a few. So Yamaha, a brand known for everything from motorbikes to musical instruments, is entering a very competitive environment at price points they don’t normally compete at. The speakers go head to head with a B&W 803 D3, or an ATC SCM100, and the electronics are up against other A/B designs like the Naim 282/Supercap/250DR or a Ayon Audio Spitfire. 


So what’s it like? The first thing you notice about the equipment is how heavy it is, and that’s really satisfying. It took two of us to lift the pre-amplifier, which is reassuring. Too often pre amps seems to offer just lots of bluster. No such cuts here as my back will give testament. The next thing is the 7mm Asahi glass meters on the front panel of the power amplifier, a feature which gives the system a really retro look. But spend a little more time with it and there are some lovely yet subtle features in the design which are less obvious. As a nod to Yamaha’s musical instruments background, the 5000 series shows no screws, in the same way you wouldn’t see any on a guitar. All the switches and knobs “click” in a really satisfying manner, and although I must confess I’m less keen on the YAMAHA logo on the front of the speakers, the chunky speaker grills feel like something you would see Captain America using to defend himself against Ultron rather than something supplied free of charge with your speakers. 


Testing is underway. We have an open event for the equipment on Thursday the 18th of July 2019 (sorry if you’re reading this after that date). But if you want to know how it performs, please feel free to drop me an email struan@hificorner.co.uk where I can advise. I’ll also try and post some recording videos, and if time allows a full review of how it sounds. 


If you’re interesting in this or any other Yamaha hi fi product, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thanks for reading.