Welcome Franco Serblin

Arriving shortly at Hi-Fi Corner, the beautiful range of Franco Serblin speakers.The pedigree is impeccable. Franco Serblin was the designer of the acclaimed Sonus Faber loudspeakers before branching out to produce this stunning line-up. With a similar philosophy to his previous creations, the design of these speakers is aligned to that of musical instruments, with great emphasis on materials and craftsmanship beyond compare. Coupled to this is the sheer elegance of the innovative designs and, common to the entire line-up, the ability to produce concert hall dynamics from a relatively modest sized enclosure.

Four designs are available. Two are 2-way designs – the Lignea and Accordo, the 3-way Accordo Essence, and the top-of-the-range 4- way, 5 unit Ktêma with a rear firing LF driver. At 92dB/W/m it's pretty efficient too. At every level, these speakers are a truly a reference standard for neutrality and openness.

The Accordo, Accordo Essence and Ktêma will be shortly be on demonstration at Hi-Fi Corner. You won't be disappointed by these masterpieces.