PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Poweramplifier

I read somewhere once that it isn’t necessary to have an overabundance of power unless your speakers require it. However, after spending time with the PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Poweramplifier (£2,998) that school of thought might just be disproven. Now this may not be the case for those of you out there that have high-efficiency speakers and who never plan on changing them out; if this is the case then I recommend reading the write-ups on the non-HP power amplifiers by PrimaLuna. But if you’re like me and want an amazing sounding system that, if it is require, can also be exceptionally versatile, then having extra power on hand can only be a good thing as long as the sound quality doesn’t suffer for it – and so enters the PDP HP Poweramplifier.

Like the entire DiaLogue Premium range, PrimaLuna has outfitted the HP Poweramplifier with high quality components and features generally found on kit costing more than double the asking price. For example, if you were to open the undercarriage of this amplifier, you’d see point-to-point wiring with Swiss made silver plated OCC (oxygen-free continuous crystal) copper wire, TAKMAN resisters made in Japan and praised for their musicality, and SCR capacitors that are produced in France. Other features of the DiaLogue Premium range are the AC Offset Killer which helps keep the amplifier’s transformers as quiet as possible, front end circuity that includes the use of six 12AU7 tubes (three for each channel), and the ability to switch between ultra-linear and triode mode on the fly with the remote.

As standard on all PrimaLuna kit you’ll never have to worry about matching your tubes or biasing them during use or when replacing them with PrimaLuna’s Adaptive AutoBias feature. Nor will you ever have to worry about knowing when your tube has gone with BTI (Bad Tube Indicator) circuitry. Some other added features that come standard are the PTP (Power Transformer Protection) and OTP (Output Transformer Protection) circuities to help prevent any damage to the amplifier in the rare case of user error or massive tube failure.

You get all this and much more without a heavy price tag. I have to mention here, not only does this power amplifier sound great, it also has to be one of the most versatile power amplifiers I’ve come across at any price point. To illustrate this, let’s say you want to get a little more bass slam and/or a larger sound stage than what is presented by the EL34 output-tubes (that come standard) present. If this is the case, instead of trading in your HP Poweramplifier, you can take out the EL34 and swap them out with KT88, KT120, or KT150 tubes. Or, if you love the sound of the EL34 tubes, but in stereo mode the HP Poweramplifier just isn’t driving your speakers correctly, then when money allows purchase a second HP Poweramplifier, flick the switch on the back of the amplifiers from stereo to mono and you then have tube mono blocks that kick out over 140 watts into 8 ohms. The possibilities of finely tuning this power amplifier to match your requirements is unprecedented. 

Personally, I love every chance I get to listen to the HP Poweramplifier – it sounds amazing with my Harbeth SHL5plus speakers I have at home. I’ve partnered up this amplifier with many different preamplifiers and the results have been impeccable. This is not an amplifier that really makes itself know in regards to the origin of its design; there isn’t that “classic tube sound”, nor is it sterile like some solid-state amplifiers can sound – it’s just ready for whatever you want to throw at it and is willing to adapt to however you decide to use it within your system (mono or stereo, with EL34 or KT150 tubes, etc., etc.).

If you’re in the market for a power amplifier – the DiaLogue Premium HP Poweramplifier is a must audition.

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